Friday, November 13, 2009

Omar Khadr and the withdrawal of consent to be governed

Just as the Government of Canada assumes it can withdraw the protection to its citizens on an individual basis, according to the political whim of its parliament, no matter how slim the majority, We also rightly assume that as citizens we have a duty and the right to withdraw our consent from a government that seeks to harm its harmless citizens.

Someone mentioned on a blog that this is widely accepted that you can withdraw your consent to be governed, but what to do with those freemen then? Should there be a country for them, a physical place? If that were a valid analogy, it would follow that those governments not wishing to comply with the commitments of a country to its citizens, then these politicians should leave as well. If they can exempt Canada from the international law it has signed in this case on the child soldier issue, then they can exempt CANADA from its commitment to UN drug Prohibition laws which harm Canadians.

These attitudes are evidence that there is no rule of law in Canada.

We have created our own lawful society from our need to be governed by the rule of God's law. To submit to a criminal organization such as Canada is not an option for me. I am Chief Justice Bud the Oracle from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, and you can find out more about us by joining me in my daily Court House Protest 222 Main street Vancouver. 1 pm till 2 pm.

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