Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson is a liar, cowardly & responsible for 2 deaths now

Robert Dziekanski and Orion Hutchinson are dead at least partially due to this lying sum bag cop. Yeah, he took off from the scene to down two shots of vodka. A cop would know to do that, right? And with the welcoming committee for Robert at the Vancouver Airport we can see the same goon taking offensive action when some talking was necessary. Again we see a corruption of "Justice" on behalf of this menace to peaceful people.
"Following a detailed analysis of the results of a comprehensive police investigation, the Criminal Justice Branch has concluded that no Criminal Code driving-related charged will be laid against Cpl. Robinson," said a statement from the branch.

The officer argued in B.C. Supreme Court in March that a motor vehicles adjudicator didn't properly consider his statement that he left the scene of the collision, had two shots of vodka, and then returned to the scene.

Robinson is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 8 on the obstruction charge.

This is my tribute to Orion done soon after his tragic death touched me. Here is the continuity to why I am out in front of the court house.


KeithInCanada said...

Here is how Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson's drunk driving charges related to his SUV turning left and colliding with an on-coming motorcycle, were finally handled.


Bud Oracle said...

HERE IT IS: 29 months of pay for being an officer of the RCMP later.

No criminal penalties yet. Good employment package shields you from the the laws everyone else must follow.

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