Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Creative planning takes me higher

Yesterday the goon squad of sheriffs tried to harass me for smoking a joint under the building overhang where the cigarette smokers stand. I had finished my smoke but could see how they immediately turned around when they saw I was done. I started to verbally harangue them and left about 15 minutes early.

On the way home and during the day, I have been thinking about an appropriate response to this continued harassment by armed goons. There is something in the works which follows my response parameters. I always like to ratchet up the stakes when people like this try to oppress me in gang style. There were three well armed, armored sheriffs, preparing to harm me for smoking something all science agrees is infinitely less harmful than tobacco.

I have the solution which fits well. In the new year when Mark gets out I will change my focus and location. Rather then be lured into more confrontations with these terrorists on their turf, I will go around the Maginot Line.

My targeted audience will be different, too. I have saturated the Law Society drones with my marketing. The world will be arriving and 222 Main is a bit out of the way. Stay tuned for further details that I am sure those interested will find intriguing and very well engineered.This video is about the exact same thing as the sheriffs. The manager has been brainwashed by the government, just as the sheriffs, into believing a pack of lies. This allows these people to become zealots. In the case of the female manager it results in torture for the man with the MS, while in a pot smoker's case it could lead to imprisonment, even death as in Marc Boyer's case. His lymphoma has returned since he went into jail. Most likely it has something to do with the denial of his medicine which had kept the cancer in remission for the past 7 years.

The government gives expression to intolerance through the CDSA and the mountain of lies it is built on.

The latest bullshit comes from the BC Solicitor General Kash Heed. When this double speaking political fraudster was in a different position, that is not politically aligned, he was talking control and regulation. The problem with illegal drugs is that they are a boon to lying politicians who have no real policy to offer Canadians that is different from their American Master's demonization and ignore science policies. See the title link for CBC video of Kash Heed spouting asinine stuff dramatically.

What a pile of pure political crap to be talking in 2010. I am so glad to be hitting the streets now with my message. These are the gestapo of today. They must be stopped before they destroy our society completely. I will give it my best

This is really what it is all about! Have you seen it yet?
zeitgeist addendum

Here is another interesting video to give one some perspective from the bullshit.

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