Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Protest today, Marc Boyer released!

This morning I couldn’t sleep past 5:45. I was feeling strange butterflies as if I were being released this morning. This leads me to think about psychedelics being necessary in one’s diet to help us achieve this type of extra sensory perceptions/communications. I don’t know about others but I will have this expanded perception and empathy. No government will ever limit what God has given me to use for my benefit and others. I like the way I have turned out. The pleasure of having a full range of emotions is worth more than all the wealth in the world.

My protest has become much more passive compared to the vocal taunts at the beginning. The transition was a natural evolution necessary as my understanding grew. That is perhaps my only real strength; I am willing to evolve. In the 1.5 years since I started these political campaigns, I have received a wealth of understanding of my fellow humans in return for my efforts. The wearing of my crown of buds, and now with the art on the horn project, have been the most rewarding, insightful, fun things I have ever done in my life. The doors that open when one dares to be different are portals to adventure and communication of the most pleasing nature. I don’t know exactly how I have come to this point and don‘t take any conscious credit for any of it, but there is no doubt that this is the finest time of my life. I feel fulfilled having such an important goal to which I am totally committed. I know that my god will never give me a challenge that is too difficult for me to solve. The repeal of prohibition is not a daunting concept for me. It seems firmly within my grasp I have been gifted the assets of having many intelligent friends who are also driven to achieve this goal. The best strategies have come as advice from others, which I have immediately seen the value of and with their help implemented quickly. The removal of the TASER WARNING signs was one of them.

In this new mode of engaging the public and encouraging others to speak, I see further assurance of our eventual victory. For instance yesterday a lady stopped to talk. She mentioned right away when I offered her my card with the internet links, that she doesn’t use the internet. She was my age or slightly older, dressed in good clothes. Without prompting she unburdened herself. Within a minute she was using good English to expound her fury at what our governments have wrought. She used my words to describe her own perception of the downtown East side.

“They made this Problem! They manufactured this crime!”

I gave her our Christmas card and she was amused by the quotations and sincerely promised to check out my words in the record of parliament. I have noticed more people coming from libraries, lately. The security employee who works at the airport to whom I spoke yesterday, my building manager who is Polish and is happily following our battles. The removal of the TASER signs in BC courthouses was especially good news to her as she said to me shaking her head, “Robert was asking for the police to come before they came and TASERed him at the Airport.”

What these contacts assure me of, is eventual victory. These Control freaks who do another nations bidding, defaulting on their duty to Canadians, are only in their positions by default. Nearly half the eligible voters stay home, there is a minority government federally, so the Harper government has only the support of 25% of the electorate. No wonder there is talk of Proroguing again. That is why there is no push on to reform our voting system to make it a compulsory duty of every citizen. They can’t use their political policies of divide and conquer to win by default if people were made to vote. Especially if there was a little box on the ballot saying “None of the above” and if the vote turned out to be a majority for “none of the above” then another election with new people must be run. The way it is now, the Conservatives can put forward ever more idiocy which rewards them with disengaging more voters from the process through sheer revulsion and loss of hope that voting will have any real effect, and thereby hang in with another deception of an election “win.”

These realizations have given me my new strategy. I will attempt to give the people whom I engage on the sidewalks, hope. I will encourage them by relating my exploits and small accomplishments, inviting them to check out our words in the parliamentary record and have fun with their own activism whatever it might be. I will assure them that it will mean something and reward them for doing it personally. This new protest on the sidewalks of Vancouver is something that I am looking forward to very much.

I am hoping to make more than a 1000 meaningful new personal contacts within the next 3 or 4 months. The future is friendly! Hope wells strong within my emotional heart.

My God never gives me a challenge that I can not solve. These people who promote Prohibition have evil and harm to innocent people on their agenda, they have nothing that God wants for creation. They assert their own statutes to control what God decreed to be free, to the detriment of humanity. The writing is on the wall for this kind of social fraud. Everywhere in the world reform is on the horizon. Tyranny will stand only for so long before it is displaced by the reign of law of reason spurred on by a lust for liberty.

This coming court appearance on March 25 2010 for Klaus Kaczor will be the last as he no longer exists, not even at this address. The management has listed Chief justice Bud the Oracle at this address. There is no way I will allow a mistaken identity by the cops who came to answer my 911 call on August 11to supersede the recognition of myself conferred upon me by the Federal government at my appearance before the justice committee. The fact that the Federal Crown Attorney, Adriana Switzer, kept the camcorder from Robin, from who it was seized illegally, for 9 weeks, goes to proving that the government wants to implement this CDSA through injustice or theft of property contrary to section 337 of the criminal code, as well as assault upon me by the Jail guards on the evening of the 11of August.

Marc’s plight in jail does not frighten me. There is no way that my God will allow this tyranny to applied to me without giving me the resources to endure and finally triumph. Since I believe that freedom of choice is the mechanism of natural selection, I am tasked with this goal for our common good. I truly believe that Psychedelics are a natural healthy part of humanity’s diet and can benefit our society in many ways.

Just having true freedom of choice will help our community heal and come together in constructive harmony, rather than this divide and conquer model that the government promotes through its drug war policies. This oppression is founded on divisive fear and labeling/demonizing harmless people who are committing a harmless act upon themselves.

I promise that I will not let it stand unchallenged as long as I have breath.

I just got off the phone with a free Marc Boyer. I hope to be meeting him later today. Perhaps a video. His passion seems undiminished, perhaps even strengthened by the application of tyranny!

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