Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The good and the bad reflections on the day

Somewhere towards the last of this thread on Cannabis culture which you may access by clicking on the title of this post, David Malmo Levine, actually advocates allowing children to purchase cannabis if they have a signed note from their parents.

I believe that the cut off age should be eighteen.

In the last part of the video I talk of someone accosting me verbally and threatening to shoot my dog because he strolled across her lawn. All the while her sickly looking friend was sitting in her car idling noxious poisonous fumes into my lungs while giving me the evil eye for such an insignificant act as a dog strolling over a patch of grass. These are hateful morons, spiteful vindictive unhealthy slugs who have the government bylaw officers on their side to practice oppression on me.

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