Friday, April 3, 2009

Judge Dhillon recognizes Bud the Oracle as a Free Man on the Land

The matter was a Summons to a Payment Hearing in Small Claims Courtroom 110 at 9:30. At first I thought that it would be a slam dunk and a savings of the unpaid fine. The clerk had instructed me to look on the court register papers. Low and behold I could not find the name of the person Klaus Kaczor or even Bud Oracle anywhere. I then proceeded to get a stamp of recognition to having been there as an agent for the Person at the appointed hour. They had probably withdrawn the fine to begin with as the Person Klaus Kaczor no longer existed.

The sheriff said that they would get it on the register. I then walk in on the two female clerks in the courtroom and told them that I was Bud the Oracle authorized agent for the Person Klaus Kaczor. They told me it would be up to the Judge to allow that otherwise only the person was allowed to appear, A warrant could be issued if the Judge so chose.

The Sheriff walked in then and informed the clerks that my Klaus Kaczor's matter was being added. He then turned to me and said that I would be required to take off my religious Headgear (bud hat). I asked him if he required Sikhs to take off their turbans? He replied something to this effect "They are one of the recognized religion" I came back with "so my religion doesn't count? Is that in your eyes or the state's?" I was asked to leave until I was called before the Judge.

After a short time there came a call for "Bud the Oracle"

As I entered, I was astonished to find the lovely Judge Dhillon who had accepted my first Claim of Right entered by Jack A Roe. One of the first statements/questions she asked was, "Does it feel good to be a Free man?" I replied "yes it feels good to be Free."

I was never asked to remove my crown of buds, the one with the huge 10 inchers on it. The Judge seemed bemused by it. We established that I was representing my former person and that this person would not be able to have a warrant served upon him as he no longer existed. I then said that the only law I was following in our society, the unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, of which I am the Chief Justice, was that of the Bible. This news seemed to add some apparent joy to the judge and I had a distinct impression that she had a difficult time keeping proper decorum in her court by suppressing an outburst of mirth.

I reminded her of the statement in the Bible about paying your debts and if the court allowed a very reasonable schedule, I would see to Mr. Kaczor's debt. When asked I said that I would surely be able to manage 10 dollars per month. The City lawyer and the Judge jumped at that and I figured that having been established as a Free man on the Land, Bud the Oracle, was worth something and it would be a good omen to start out debt free.

I was then able to state clearly that I was not bound as Bud the Oracle to any city bylaws or services, that my dog was no threat to anyone and he was well loved by the neighborhood. Of course I still pick up dog crap and leash him when walking on sidewalks full of people. But when they are empty and I wish to leave him unleashed in a safe manner, I will.

The judge inquired as to his pedigree. I thanked her very much, the Sheriff and waited to pick up my pay schedule and left, officially recognized as Bud the Oracle.

The video editing requires more concentration than I am able to give after a hard day's work. Thankfully even the really throbbing pain in my left arm/side has left me. I broke down and bought some Tylenol last night because I had woken up flinching with severe pain many times the night before. This is the one which ended up under my left ear when I popped it out as I crashed my C5 a Hang glider into Cochrane ridge in 1980. This morning, first day back after court day it felt really good but, I notice after a hard day it is hurting again.

I really wanted to catch my buddy, Curtis Santiago, who is back from Toronto to perform at the Met. There are two considerations: primarily it is because I am very tired and hurting that I will cancel, but secondarily and also importantly, I don't like alcohol fueled crowds. They are dangerous and of course the Judge was right in asking me to keep away from alcohol. Not that I wish to drink in any way, but even the "feel" if it in other people whose behavior becomes erratic and sometimes irrational, often violent as well, is repulsive to me. And it costs money, too! Besides the concept of video making is drawing me in, luring me to make at least an attempt to formulate a project in light of what can be done. It is so incredibly rich in variation, so laden with choice. All of it seemingly complex to me at the moment, as well. A steep learning curve for me but I might get lucky and have a lesson gifted to me.

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