Friday, January 22, 2010

Morning musings: VPD asault, CBC propaganda machine, and marketing, Kush, DMT, MDMA and magic mushrooms

I'm looking forward to another day of protesting, perhaps not so long. This is a plea to anyone willing to operate my camcorder while I smoke a joint in front of the "Mousetrap" Courthouse, sometime next week.

I will smoke cannabis wherever others can smoke tobacco, and, or where I am not bothering anyone else directly. Do you understand that Kash Heed, Micheal De Jong, Rob Nicholson, Peter Van Loan?

I am not under your jurisdiction.

There will be no security guards denying me my rights because your armed goons aren't up to it legally!

Next week, at a time of my choosing, we will film my rights being exercised for the world to see. The security guards can call whomever they choose. It will make for good footage.

I really don't think they fully understand whom they are dealing with yet, therefore I must continue to demonstrate exactly WHAT MY RIGHTS ARE UNTIL THEY GET IT AND LEAVE ME, AND THE MEMBERS OF OUR SOCIETY, PEACEFULLY ALONE.

I recount my day of hippie tripping yesterday in the video below.

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