Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tobacco pushers sell singles to underage children (click for CBC video)

It was shocking for me to see this news article on the National. I truly know how addictive and destructive tobacco is being free of it for 15 years. The reason why I began to sell to adults over 18 when my store was in operation was to keep adult substances out of the hands of children. It is a mystery to me, when I know the true dangers of tobacco compared to pot or even LSD, why these store owners who sell singles to children don't get jail time? Adults should be allowed to purchase poison like alcohol in my opinion. The control should be focussed on keeping it from the hands of children. I can't understand why I had to spend 2.5 months in jail checking for ID on my customers while these variety store owners can sell deadly and addictive substances to children without seeing jail time?

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