Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A great day!

It started out with a read from someone in the house of commons:

Canadian House Of Commons (192.***.**.***) [Label IP Address]

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 0 returning visits

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2nd June 2010 09:19:26 Page View Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society &*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1&redir_esc=&ei=B4QGTJzpN8GB8gaUlNXrCw

This means that something I did a year ago is still getting attention. What is interesting is the search and the post that I did after our appearance at the Justice Committee.

Next I went up and paid almost half of my rent; a good start. The manager is a decent fellow and we chatted about things. He's quite the artist and is also of Polish extraction as well as his hardworking wife. It's good to have people who can do their job properly.

Then I walked with the White Wolf for some more work which also went well. It was assembling IKEA drawers for kitchen cupboards and the White Wolf came along. Part of the happiness came from having finally gotten some decent used shoes. Until last Friday I had been wearing my open sandals (not conducive to walking). Already my legs are getting stronger, recovering after the extended lack of exercise in jail.

Next I walked home and received a call from my buddy about the new videos he got up today. I enjoyed the excitement in his call. It's contagious! I'm glad I know many people like this.

My buddy rainbowjohn1 is getting better with his video output. He takes us to his Island paradise and reveals the soul of a happy person.

and some eagles and damned cows

We are going to succeed at making this world a better place because we are committed and we ain't giving up. John and I have been to jail and we are still undeterred, happy to do this because it gives us good payback karma/lots of fun. We like people and angels and we are in this struggle for the long haul. I'm glad to be his friend and hope to have the energy and talent that John has when I get there in only a few short years.

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