Sunday, June 6, 2010

An interesting and novel news item on marijuana prohibition

Just surfing pot TV and found this article below on the front page.

Gotta wonder why people are generally so disconnected from the reality of the loosing proposition prohibition is. We need more voices that slowly and compellingly articulate reason like Paul Armentano Deputy Director of NORML.

Someone whose opinion I trust and employed before to reap success (the court house protest and the video on the TASER warning sign) mentioned raising funds on a self sustaining basis like people raising money for green foundations on the sidewalks while at the same time keeping a softly spoken representative in the field. Raise awareness while raising funds to sustain the person putting in their time plus a bit extra for the organization. This way it would be a way to get people involved on their street scene anywhere in Canada. People talented and sincere, hardworking could make a go at it in the larger cities high traffic areas.

I'm thinking about running for the Marijuana Party again (only thought about it before-never ran yet). I don't like doing this alone though and I need someone to help manage and keep the books straight (accounting is not my forte). It would be nice to have an experienced campaign manager/organizer, too. Their first advice would probably be to run in David Emerson's riding as a better strategy with TADD.

I thought about doing it before because the Marijuana Party pretty leaves its candidates to be independents, except for the marijuana legalization platform.

That would leave me free to promote my TADD platform (Google) Technology Assisted Direct Democracy. That way I can promote my politics, my ideas and myself and try to raise awareness while adding to my income if possible.

I have applied for East Vancouver, Libby Davies' riding. It would be fun to go up against her as, I voted for her the last time. I would need to explain to people why they should vote for me rather than her with respect. I think that I could do this. Something about wanting to speak on this subject in public draws me.

The S-10 protest has made me consider what I personally can do better.

I actually liked campaigning for council. It was fun to talk, and, mostly as I learned to do towards the end, listen to people. The White Wolf could come along and lay on a portable mat with a bowl of water. He's getting better at staying, not as restless as he was.

I have a printer and paper and can have cards made up.

It's not about the winning, although I am playing to win. More importantly it's about the message of safety for the community. Who knows maybe people would like the idea of direct democracy which could be implemented in our riding if I won.

Some people have to have a mission/follow their heart.

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Some missions are not so good

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