Monday, June 28, 2010

International Center for Science in Drug Policy

It's time, for the health of the human race, to get real about our drug policies.

These scientists are the leading lights in research and institutional knowledge development. It is time to pay attention to the facts and leave off with the political shysters. The only reason that drug prohibition still exists is because the state is using this law to increase police power over its population. The purpose is that it be used as a tool of oppression, an instrument of tyranny. There is no effect on the amount of drugs available nor is there a decrease in the usage, due to prohibition.

The reason given for the invention of prohibition laws, ostensibly to curtail the use of dangerous drugs, is thwarted by the lucrative reward created as an economic side effect of the law itself.

A century of studying Alcohol and Drug prohibition in prestigious institutions by intelligent researchers has reached this conclusion: Criminal law has no positive effect on drug use in society and is harmful to its citizens in creating an unjust, unlawful violent society.

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