Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is violent crime encouraged by Vancouver police enforcing the CDSA?

"Nothing is more destructive of respect for the Government and the Law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase in crime in this country is closely connected with this"

(on US alcohol prohibition)

In these first three videos you'll see the open marijuana sales of the Marijuana Guild only two days after the announced sales that we did at the Art Gallery Square on Sunday. You can see at first the peaceful tourist crowd is curious.Next they leave as the "patriot" comes by and assaults us. Then the crowd takes its cue from the masters of this turf and become hostile towards us even though the cops come, unlike the previous sale at the Art Gallery, which was peaceful. No one disturbed anyone's turf, I guess.

Next video you can see that none of the cops care about the assault, They take no notes and claim in their notes that Jack was vague. The police had the motive for the attack and later after stealing the camera by falsely arresting the cameraman, the exact identity. Not a single word of either of our statements was taken down and a myopic "investigation" focused on me selling pot. It's not likely that they don't know who the Patriot was nor who he represents.

Next video the cops trump up an illegal arrest of the Cameraman on false allegations, without even seeing a victim. He is supposed to have assaulted a child according to one witness. They took the statements of two drug addled people one of whom jitter bugged his way up on to the stand on May 3 at the trial. The cops took no notes, so figured that they could just grab the camera to assist them, probably.

The Judge saw these videos in a voir dire to see whether the videos would be allowed for the trial. I was clearly selling pot and yet the crown withdrew all the charges. Was I winning the trial? Surely not! I only got to cross examine the lead cop 2571, and then caved when I could see many more days in remand center awaiting future trial dates. I was having a premonition that things were not going to go my way. I caved and wanted to plead out.

When the Americus Curi came to see me in my cell during a short break he said that the crown would drop these charges, altogether. He said she wanted ten months on the store charges and said he would speak on my behalf. I had said in court that all I had wanted was to show how this crime could stopped and the community be made safe through control and regulation. When we returned to court the prosecutor asked for the Judge to sentence me to ten months for the store bust three counts: 1) 3lbs pot 2)more than 500 hits combines LSD and ecstasy and 3) half pound mushrooms. She showed the Judge the following video before sentencing.

The following video are of the peaceful open pre announced marijuana sale at the art Gallery only two days prior to the Victory Square incident. You can see that there is no problem with ordinary people who believe it is time for control and regulation. Where drug crime does not exist on controlled drug turf, there are neither angry crowds nor violence. Only duer to the CDSA is there any problem.

You can even see the police drive by and leave us alone in the video above. This is the same place where there are hundreds of drug sellers operating peacefully on Canada day without police supervision. Never any problems except where the CDSA applies, is there?

I just don't get it. Why drop the August 11th charges when I was clearly on video selling? How could the Cop honestly say in court that the cameraman's statement was vague and that is why he didn't take down a single words. Did I stay in jail for nothing then? Because this was the only sure punishment that the crown could conjure up, by lying about there being heroin found at the store, at the time of the bust for 564 East Broadway on February 17 2010.

Rainbow John and several friends were in court on May 3rd 2010 and he did accost the lawyer, the Americus curia, to do a good job on my behalf. Which he did. But when someone actually understands the plain view of the results of prohibition which is installed all around us is being presented to them, as the Judge did, I thank her from the bottom of my heart for listening and watching this with an open mind. She did her duty to the community too and denied the request by the Prosecutor to jail me as a common drug dealer.

I am so glad I had people like the Registrar helping to guide me at important times and that mostly I let them before I could stray too far afield. This was a moment of truth and clarity of purpose in my life. Thank you, Jadis Dumas, for doing such a great job with "The Freed Man" documentary. I wish you and Rom had stopped by once more before you left. I had a small gift for you to be done in some lovely spot for serious natural connection and enjoyment. I hope to hear from you soon though. I would also like to have some of your photos emailed to me so that we can all see them on my blog. Not the naked ones though. I have already gotten into trouble for some innocent water sliding sports on Utube!

There can be no doubt that I was serious about what I was doing. Some may say "seriously deluded" without too much opposition from me, except that I say maybe someone needs to be in operation under the "color of a claim of natural right" as was told to me by Robert Arthur Menard some months ago, for things to move forward just a tiny bit.

Whatever the reason for this merciful, wonderful, outcome is, it will likely remain shrouded in at least partial mystery to me. All I can say is that the courts have agreed with me and found me to be a valid and sincere activist concerned as I say I am, all about making my community safer.

I think it paid off even in the fact that I would not lie to the Judge about ceasing my activism when I was before her after the bust at the store. I said I would continue my activism and was happy to think i would eventually be facing a jury of my peers on this issue when the prosecution lied about Heroin being found at the store. It cost me 2.5 months in jail to be this honest. But it was part of my foundation, I think.

I am just musing over these proceedings and events and how everything turned out excellent as if God were looking after things. All I did was remain true to my cause and make some spontaneous, delusional maybe even, moves. Isn't life just sweet even when all you are is some crazy psychedelic user on a home grown mission. With the help of some friends we have accomplished quite a bit while keeping a sense of humor happening. Every day I shake my head in pot besotted wonder and marvel at the way things might have been if God was absent in my life. It might have turned out way more painful to me, except for an honest bit of lifelong concern for my neighbors/community blindly, passionately, pursued.

Something is driving me to remain active in the struggle against the dangerous insanity caused by the CDSA. One's own life and concerns become secondary when a task grabs a hold of your spirit and you are possessed by it to come against the lies, thugs and corruption. I feel that I am in a battle with dire consequences a possibility. There is a payback in heightened awareness and a sense of mortality about everyday events. The same sort of background danger that was comfortable to work with when flying hang gliders. Maybe I survived Hang Gliding to risk real danger in this sport, for a greater good? I have always figured it was better to die on a battlefield for a greater good, than in a playground swinging from the monkey bars.

Stuff that I wrote some time ago is still drawing those whom it touches today. I sincerely hope that I will have some impact on helping to change things for the better. If the Mounties are reading me perhaps they might gain some understanding of the average drug user and that we can be good community members as flawed and excellent in the human spectrum as they are.

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Suzanne said...

The RCMP is an outdated institution that has outlived its usefulness. Bad shooting incidents, pension fund fraud, a general cowboy mentality, no internal affairs division with any teeth to police them internally (Ontario Police overseeing an investigation on the Mounties PLEASE! PUL-EASE! What a high-flying mound-piling pile-driving ton of bullsh!t. I have no respect for them whatsoever. Disclaimer: for those good ones, mea culpa but you, even YOU, know who the feck i'm talkin about.

bud oracle said...

If people had the balls to tell the true stories of their encounters with the cops and used the process to try to hold them to account we would see a change quickly.

The cops have cowed Canadians into accepting this bullshit over the decades through intimidation.

The times, they are a changing, if I have anything to do with it.

Thanks for adding your bit of truth, Suzanne. It takes a community

Suzanne said...

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)

I'll speak up, for me sins!

Kudos to Bud and Diefenbacher xo