Friday, August 6, 2010

24 Canadians died in the World Trade Towers, 61 missing women Vancouver

50 billion spent, 151+ lives to avenge them in Afghanistan, while virtually no concern was given to investigate or even admit that something was wrong for these lower class women.

Don't ever try to tell me Canada is an equal opportunity Society with an equal rule of law. That is why people like myself are leaving this Police state.

All one needs to do to see who for whom the "bell tolls" in Canada, is have a close look at the photos of the victims in both incidents.

From the top to the bottom all political parties in this country have shirked their duty to Canadians while sacrificing everything for American "Favored Trade status."

The very same sacrifice we make Kow Towing to America's drug war idiocy, today, every day. Try to wrap your head around the huge amount of collateral damage this causes us as well as financial hardship.

Against the will of a MAJORITY of Canadians, Harper and Ignatief would continue to harm all of society to do their American master's bidding.

Never mind voting them out of office, in a just Society, they and their henchmen, (cops and bureaucrats,) would be tried for crimes against humanity and jailed.

Not here, though. Gullible Canadians consider them strong "Leaders."

You'll be hearing about this idiocy from me for the next few years.

Think about the resources they VPD and the crown have spent to try to stop me from making my society safer by demonstrating for control and regulation. The crown pushed for prosecution of an activist before it would attempt to remove a serial killer from our community!

Fack off with your shitty Justice system, your perverted money grubbing priorities, Canada!

Description of the so called unreliable witness Jane Doe, who if taken seriously by the Regional Crown Prosecutor's Office might have stopped 22 more murders from happening.

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