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Alex Carey & Edward Bernays (Free downloads MP3)

A very interesting take on our problems that I have had some knowledge of but which is being refreshed tonight

It is Monday the 30th 11.00 am and the Wolf has just left on his weekly group walk to the Spanish banks today. He loves the pack mode. Like us. That is why dog/wolves are so "domesticatable."

The above mp3s are all studies/understandings of how a herd of humans is easily manipulated. I am in the process of studying Alex Carey's unpublished manuscript some more. I will be doing a bit by bit audio response to these extremely pregnant audio illuminations.

Until then I am going out to take more raw footage and photos for winter video making. If you wonder what this has to do with Diane Rothon and the Paul Boyd inquiry as I see someone at BCIT is today, it is this: We are ruled by propaganda, as mainly in the form of the absence of truth. The lies get to stand because no one allows the truth to be heard. Part of the truth in Paul Boyd's case is that He had his hands up when the cop started to shoot and also very importantly, The Police Chief then corrupted Justice on behalf of the shooter before an investigation was even started. Then when I laid a formal and very proper complaint in the Complaint Commissioner's office, that investigation was also corrupted by the Chief as he was sitting on the Police Board which deemed me incompetent to lay the charge.

You the public are being deceived via the fact that none of this has even come to your attention yet. Like the 911 inquiry was unable to reach a believable finding because all the facts of explosions, thermite and building 7 were not brought before the commissioners.

So, is this Paul Boyd Inquiry that we are gonna have an act of propaganda to help make the lies stand, or, is it going to try to establish the facts? We already know that by holding an inquiry no one will be held to account criminally.

The fact is, though, that I charged chief Jim Chu under the police act and is is accountable to criminal justice, with the maximum sentence being 5 years for obstructing justice. Do I think that he will ever be held to account? Well I know strange things have happened in my life. I can fly and I am getting pretty fat, too! So I know that pigs can fly to some extent. Look, sooner or later something is gonna have to give in this obviously corrupt system. Will my straw be the one to break the camel's back? Hey, you never know. I have a much better chance than the suckers that buy lottery ticket's, imo.

The Deep Capture Hypothesis

“The universal spirit of the laws, of every country is always to favor the strong against the weak and those who have against those who have not. This difficulty is inevitable, and it is without exception.

~Jean Jacques Rousseau

“The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

~Alex Carey

My remix of the two MP3s condensed into one shorter version of "Corporations and Propaganda by Alex Carey"- no mics involved!

I know that I am on to something here, because other than the letter to Cross Country Checkup, when one puts "Corporations and Propaganda by Alex Carey cbc" into Google one gets this as the only CBC reference to him. The Canadian Champion Propaganda Network CBC, installed by the government with your money, has never done a program about this man, Alex Carey. Why not?

Too close to the bone?

The rhetoric about commitment to ‘democracy’ by our supposedly democratically elected leaders of the hemisphere is obviously just a cynical response to growing public awareness and outrage regarding the realities of corporate rule and the sellout of our sovereignty by the governments run by corporate owned and operated parties. This opens the question of whether so-called free elections constitute anything that may ethically be called democracy, as the Democracy Clause is implying.

Australian Professor, Alex Carey got it right in his book, “Taking the Risk Out of Democracy:, Corporate Propaganda vs. Freedom and Liberty.

Carey’s book illuminates how big business propaganda waged by public relations experts, subverts democracy and ensures corporate dominance.

More and more citizens are getting at the truth of this, and that’s why such low numbers turned out to vote in a system which ensures that only a Big Money party has a chance to win. Our unfair first-past-the-post system, which forces people to vote for the lesser of evils and never for what they really want, discourages ever increasing numbers of frustrated citizens to withdraw from their rigged game, and take to the streets to let their voices be heard.

If Mr. Chretien is so keen on democracy, why did he duck the question of letting all the people of all countries of the Americas to have a referendum on their corporate sponsored Unfair Trade Agreement of the American$? He said we didn’t have one on the FTA and NAFTA, so why should we now for the FTAA$?

Well, excuse me, but only about 43% of Canadians voters [essentially the better-off 30% of our population] voted for the FTA in 88, but Mulroney was able to ram it through because of the distorted dictatorships that arise from our unfair first-past-the-post system. Chretien himself campaigned in 93 that he would not implement NAFTA without re-negotiation, and suckered the Canadian public to vote for him, and then signed on the dotted line where the Americans and the Canadian corporations they own told him to do.

Why should people trust such leaders? And where is “democracy” in all of these proceedings?

In fact, the hemispheric FTAA$ was the real plan of corporate America from the very beginning. Since no free people were then willing to allow their sovereign freedoms to be sacrificed on the alter of corporate greed, they had to keep their real plan a deep dark secret. Canadians now see that they were suckered into this agenda with FTA in ’88, and with its escalation to NAFTA and its infamous Chapter 11 [giving foreign corporations domination over national sovereignty and democratic freedoms.]

So now, faced with increasing public awareness and protests, they pretend to now be concerned about democracy and other civil rights. The reality is that, with the power of foreign corporations and investors to pick and choose to support only countries that let them have everything they want, democracy has been stripped of any power to actually be government of, by and for the people. So the governing collaborators of corporate rule are free to extend this kind of ‘pseudo democracy’ to powerless ‘third world’ countries.

Not only can the powers of corporate money and its propaganda techniques determine the results of so-called democratic elections, the carrot and stick powers of capital investment, capital flight and capital strike essentially dictate what governments must do. Which is essentially why all existing governments are committed to selling out their sovereignty and their nations’ democratic freedoms to Big Money and corporate rule.

Diana Jewell
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Well said Diana!

Isn't this bit of News from the National CBC only confirmation that what they have been telling everyone about marijuana having no medicinal value is propaganda after all. As we have been saying for half a century and all of history. Cannabis is a plant with medicinal value! Can be grown cheaply by anyone who needs it. Marijuana is also safer than any pharmaceutical to use!

The reason it is illegal is because big pharma has a very strong economic interest which also dovetails with the states interest in not having its population become more reflective, less stressed, less fearful, and therefore less aggressive. Keep the sheeple frightened, belligerent and ready to send sons to war on any slight lie:

Why not feed them alcohol, another large corporate interest there, isn't it.

Isn't it time for these incompetent politicians to give up their addiction to Incarcerex?

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