Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An alternative view rationaly stated

The lovely difference with this Russia today News clip is that it flows without the propaganda of the "dangerous threat" Iran poses to the rest of the world. Considering that the only country that Iran has fought with was Sadam Hussein's Iraq when it was being supplied to fight a proxy war against Iran.

Look, for a guy like me who can walk in this world with out fear, without being armed, it makes not one iota of sense for the USA to be so fearful of any program, nuclear or whatever, that any other country might wish to undertake. It is the USA which is the worlds most aggressive, belligerent nation, which seeks to control all other nations' destiny by the fact that they are armed to the teeth with deadly nuclear capability which they have already used on civilian populations.

For this reason, to serve American Hegemony, Canada has lain down its soldiers' lives in Afghanistan. The people will need to rise up and demand their governments not bankrupt our countries to practice an aggressive imperialism which is bound to garner our demise: What goes around will surely come around.

It is time to step away, slightly, from our belligerent Allie/friend and help the USA as a concerned friend would, by taking control of our own Justice/immigration, foreign policy issues in Canada and not promoting the war on drugs. Isn't it time to give an example of proper behavior in the international community to the USA, as in provide moral and ethical leadership, instead of bending to the psychotic whims of a lunatic? Why not declare ourselves neutral and screw the favored trade status? Isn't it time to STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT NOT JUST WHAT IS GOOD ECONOMICALLY? By allowing one of our citizens, Mark Emery, to be plucked from our midst for selling seeds, a crime we don't even prosecute here, by a foreign power, Rob Nicholson has exported Canadian Justice and fed our, unhealthy for both of us, submissive role to America.

Canadian News organizations are full of propaganda designed to appease the whims of an out of control elephant. Isn't it time for the 50 kilo Indian elephant driver (Canada) to take up his rightful seat between the dangerous beast's ears and take control of this rampaging belligerent bull?

I remember seeing actual footage of tiny elephant drivers controlling these huge monsters in old Tarzan movies as a kid, and marveled at how such a thing could be done. Now that I have learned to "control" a wild wolf in the city I am beginning to understand that control is actually supposed to be, works better, as an act of love. It is perverted to a base form of imprisonment, a denial of rights in its usual application by humans everywhere, but in actuality I believe it should be an expression of love, an act of giving. Giving guidance, giving freedom to explore their own ways, giving trust to do the right thing instead of immediately supposing that there will be an attack if nuclear technology is developed and then using that false premise to launch a war of deterrence?

Come on, can you allow this bullshit to continue and not expect retaliation in the future? This way of aggressive imperialism that we are practicing under the tutelage of the Psychotic USA, will garner retaliation of every kind: Economic, military, and moral/cultural.

Our leadership in Canada is not only failing Canadians, but also our American friends and the rest of the world, by shirking its duty to use our independence as an example of the new world moral leadership necessary for our common peaceful future on this planet.

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