Friday, August 27, 2010


This is a fascinating subject for me on many levels. I was just heading out for a walk with the Wolf when this subject as Eric Kandel talks to Marilyn Powell on Radio One, CBC Ideas, a program I have been listening to for more than a decade. Some people can take this crap and some can't.

I actually find this stuff interesting!

There are a few seekers of knowledge in my circles. We talk of such things sometimes, and wonder.

We'll need to wait for the podcast top come up to hear it again because I had it being recorded and then forgot about it as company came and talked all over it. I can't wait to get this set up to record from the output of one computer to the input of the other. I have a feeling one day I will be surrounded by screens and computers and be actually able to make good use of them.

Today's lesson in Adobe Premier Pro helped instill confidence that one day I might be able to master this media. These kids can do it so well it seems really as easy as they say it is, until the lesson is over and the instructor leaves.

As others do, when I learn something, it makes the next bit in the same genre that much easier to assimilate. Knowledge is modular and once a solid foundation has been established it becomes progressively easier to build on to it, because the interconnections multiply.

I also enjoy following this guy's exciting antics: Jonny Durand

The view in this video is Priceless! Thanks to Jonny Durand for sharing it with us.

Is this guy defying the laws of Gravity?

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