Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy day Monday announcement noon to 1 pm 2010, 10, 25

Follow along reading the document LAD-00023 which can be accessed by clicking the Title link while listening to the embedded audio recording below to find out what the announcement is all about:

I will sustain these announcements until the Government of Canada officially recognizes my claimed rights, So help me God!

I pray for all the cold wet and hungry souls who are suffering on the streets around me, today. May God have mercy on their souls.

Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Clerk of the Marijuana Guild
Bud the Oracle

Things went well today and I did my thing in less than two minutes and left. There were a bunch of young students grade 12 I believe in the coffee shop. Nice to see young people interested in law and politics.

Something shocked me on the National. supposedly the young student who fell at the suspension bridge last year was "on LSD." Could very well be. Has prohibition stopped him from getting it? Would a controlled market with plenty of honest information have produced a better awareness about the proper etiquette, set, and setting surrounding something as sacred as taking a trip on LSD, especially the first time, lead to a better outcome? Be that as it may even if this young fellow died as a direct result of carelessness induced by the LSD, it is but a drop in the bucket compared to the carnage caused by alcohol.

Prohibition has increased both the availability of drugs, and their potency as well as decreased the age at which kids begin to use these substances. The Registrar explains it clearly:
gun violence and high homicide rates are likely a natural consequence of drug prohibition. That is to say, naturally speaking, your policy does not meet its stated objective of reducing drug supply, and that such policy comes at the cost of gun violence and high homicide rates.

We will not be harmed by a society whose police forces openly work with the Hells Angels. Harm your own people but I have been degraded and beaten enough and caged for standing up for the truth. Your police forces lied, stole and sadistically harmed me, when I tried to make my community safer. I will never tolerate the murder rate and lawlessness produced by this act of Injuria, this abomination to the commandments of God. How dare these tyrants foist this upon us who have declared ourselves free and have been recognized by the Federal Government.

Absolutely not will I ever comply with a society that has no rule of Law and who works with organized violent gangs openly while it harms harmless citizens and if a judge finds me guilty of anything so be it. At least when I meet my maker I won't need to make excuses about what I have done, where I stood on the important issues.

Not too many really understand what it sis that we are trying to do. We are not trying to lead the masses. We don't wish to change Canadian laws. We demand to be left alone in peace to worship our creator as we wish in a lawful society.

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