Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Former CSIS head slams Canadian courts: WikiLeaks

Jim Judd, another American cur in high government position who is apologetic for lack of terrorism mania in Canada, sorry for the concern for civil liberties by Canadian Supreme court. Why not go south to fucking work asshole? Why be a traitor to this country? Is this a requirement on the resume for the job of head of any government agency? What a bunch of yokels Canadians are to pay wages to American puppets.

CSIS sees itself as being "up against" Canadian civil liberty sensibilities, is apologetic for findings that Omar Khadr was tortured and that information glean through torture would not be allowed under pain of criminal indictment. The attitudes of the top levels of CSIS were the same as those of the Prime Minister's office, and were ILLEGAL. WILL THE MORONS WHO VOTE UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

No! What will likely happen is that think tanks, talking heads, will spin this to the Prime Moron's benefit: We will need more protection from oversight for CSIS to operate more confidently outside the law. This was a candid operational discussion and it means nothing.

Canadians are pretty dumb and don't understand the Biblical phrase, "ye are snared by the words of your mouth." That's only CSIS playing the game, it means nothing.

The fucking "game" is deception, and lawbreaking, torture and world domination through tyranny! This is the reason there is so much disharmony in the world: because the USA practices hegemony and empire building through pressure on "friendly" governments by breaking every law under God and nature.

The cur-like behavior is evidence of this power play in action. This is why Wiki Leaks exposed all these words.
They are snared by the words of their mouths
Now the Harper spin artists are trying to release the snared.

Juliano Fantino won in a bi election. These voters are sure dumb and didn't take the time to research this silent fart's(he did not participate in any debates or discussions) incredible stink. Did no one from any press have the guts to speak the truth? What a friggen police state Canada is becoming. Soon the decisions of the Supreme courts won't matter at all. The whole thing will be run by ex police crooks disguised as bureaucrats and politicians.

These are the methods of interrogation that Jim Judd was apologetic for the Supreme Court's decision strongly denouncing

Problems with the video which showed actual CIA torture training clips and how these methods were derived at from studies by funding civilian electroshock therapy research


Cattle need to be tactically contained and this is what the police forces are training at across the street from me. Thinking people would not tolerate this kind of police state creep. A large herd of cattle are easily contained with good training and tactics.

Rolling... rollin.... rollin... Phitt Yaw...... Rawhide!

"Hands up! you are surrounded! Show me you your papers! or we will shoot to kill! State your purpose here? What contraband vegetables are in your possession?"

Up against the wall Bud Oracle! You so much as twitch we are gonna open up! You are not entitled to cognitive liberty!

Guess what? The former Adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan, (perhaps this is where the PM gets his arrogance from?) called for an assassination of Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder on TV.

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Anonymous said...

The last couple days worth of international news definately has been very interesting and is surely more evidence of even crazier things to come--ranging from the Canadian byelections to the wikileaks and North Korea...