Friday, December 10, 2010

Incivility drains human resources, causes social instability

This morning's The Current CBC "the cost of Incivility" was very interesting to me. If you listen to the podcast, as I will again on my MP3 today, you might get a drift of where my post will go today. I see this "workplace" phenomena, as being only a reflection of one facet of this huge ugly paradigm which is Canada's national dysfunctional condition. What takes place in Christiane Ouimet office also is a reflection of what comes down from the top, the Prime Minister's Office. It is the way of things you see as the cop shoves aside the disabled woman in video. Yes he is being charged, but the outcome is a long ways away.

No one was held to account when 4 RCMP thugs murdered Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport. What about the unlawful behavior of the Police and Ontario Government during the G-20? You bet am working on a video post about this bullshit today.

What about Frank Paul?

The "problem" is not as small as a workplace. The problem is endemic, epidemic, in all of society. It is the same problem that is exasperated by the practice of oppression on a massive scale through the "Controlled" drugs and substances act, which purports to give the agents of the "King" the authority to steal from and harm harmless citizens. It gives authority figures in both the private, and public sectors, the right to discriminate on arbitrary grounds and personally harass people for something that plays no part in their interactions with others. This is done under the lie that it benefits society, or our common "workplace." The only results are increased lawlessness and gun violence and drug use.

How can anyone expect a society that is based on fear, mistrust, and violence produce a happy healthy community? And then arrogant leaders would deny those substances which can alleviate that pain of cruel oppression with a close happy communion with God?

It is this lack of respect for each other as individuals, much of which is a throwback to cultural conditioning and poor leadership modeling which is at the heart of the problem. An overemphasis on controlling, arrogant, closed minded figures as authority models has caused much societal dysfunction, disharmony and instability at a debilitating cost to Canadians. Wouldn't this description fit your current Prime Minister? Don't you see this "workplace" dysfunction applying to your house of Commons, your government?

I guess that what the Registrar and I have done, with the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, is analogous to quitting the dysfunctional workplace known as Canada.

Today was an excellent day in paradise! These transactions for psychedelics were made on the evening of the 11th of Dec 2010, for the record.

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