Monday, February 7, 2011

Are these the best Cannabis prices in Canada?

Today at just after 3 pm the car I was in was stopped by a VPD ghost car whose occupants were staring directly at me. They turned around and followed us. Then we parked facing west on 7th beside China Creek Park. The guy on my side 2512 tried to harass me into showing ID. When I became annoyed him and his rookie goon partner then claimed I was "impaired" because I became annoyed at him trying to get me to produce ID. Why I was sitting in the passenger seat minding my own peaceful business. Lying assholes who arrogantly assume that they are allowed to break the law, and then accuse me of being drunk when I don't let them get away with it. I don't even drink. Assholes wearing a uniform. Fresh faced goons too. The one questioning the driver 2308 was also accusing me of being drunk when I refused to be harassed by them

The cops photographing me from the bushes could be figments of frightened imaginations. Why they would need to surreptitiously do this is a mystery. People come by and use their cell phones to take pictures whenever they wish. They could come up and take pictures from a few feet away in uniform and I would not stop. FUCK YOU, assholes in uniform, idiots in government, YOU WILL LEAVE OFF TORTURING INNOCENT HARMLESS PEOPLE, IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

I am tired of the friggen lies about medical marijuana and all the bullshit "activism" of the CC culture morons. They hammer home the idiocy of Prohibition by enforcing the notion these things need to be controlled and access limited to those the Government feels are sick OR THOSE WHO WANT TO PLAY SICK. FUCK OFF YOU SLIMY ASSED IDIOTS. EVERY TIME DML, MARC EMERY OR ANY OF THESE SLIME BALL HEDONIST "ACTIVISTS" GET TO COURT THEY RAISE TONS OF MONEY AND THEN THEIR LAWYERS PLEAD GUILTY TO THE VERY LAWS THEY ARE CLAIMING TO CHALLENGE. WHY IS THAT?

These people have actually corrupted a valid fight for freedom of dietary choice for all into a sideshow whose main purpose is to secure a monopoly in a semi legal business, keeping the profit of criminality intact by never really challenging the laws as well as self promotion of this blind alley to exclude real activists from having an impact.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS NECESSARY FOR EACH LIVING ENTITY TO BE ABLE TO PERFORM THEIR FUNCTION OF NATURAL SELECTION on the biological level, just as it is important for each individual to be able define their own generation's Rule of Law. To allow political morons of either end of the political spectrum to interfere with these mechanisms, is a crime against nature.

Does anyone really believe that dummies like Brad Desmarais, Christiane Ouimet, Leona Aglukkaq know better what others should ingest, or even, think?

Not me!

Do you really believe that people like like Jim Chu should be the template to hire future cops from? 2512 sure resembled the Chief. Why is it that a cop must approach anyone with an unlawful request as the first words from their mouth? Why not hire people who show by example that they are willing to uphold the laws respecting search, seizure, and personal liberty, unless their is actual evidence of a crime? who taught these new recruits to approach all citizens with deception? And what does that mean in the aggregate?


Jadis said...

I totally agree that challenging the law as an activist does not mean manipulating the existing government guidelines only to allow for better loopholes for "sick people" to access drugs. We need radical change, which means destroying the concept that the State still decides what measures of consumption we must adhere to entirely.

bud oracle said...

There is a price anyone who wishes to uphold the truth must pay. The price is total commitment without concern for the consequences which might befall them, if they feel that their goal is saving the destiny of the human race from the stagnating evil oppression of corporate state slavery. This is not for part time activists who follow bong dramas and buy pot paraphernalia to show their part time yuppie support.

This is about everyone's FREEDOM on a fundamental level, not getting high.

Hi Jadis

Anonymous said...

I am extremely impressed with how you are operating your organization. Every decision you make in how you operate it is exactly the way it should be. Your ethics are a model for how the whole world should be operated.

Anonymous said...

Apparently he has been arrested. There is a court date set for tomorrow 2pm.