Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chief Justice detained until trial!

Bud the Oracle is being detained until trial. This decision happened at the courtroom on Friday - before Bud was given an opportunity to hire a lawyer.

Several members of the society attempted to present Bud's legal position to the prosecution. However, they had sherrifs escort them to the courtroom - so no-one could interface with them at all!

The prosecution was given an opportunity to present their side - where they basically said the Chief Justice was an unrepentant drug dealer who would most likely continue...and he had large quantities of drugs. Approx. 3 pounds of cannabis, 2.7 pounds of cannabis resin (hash), 0.8 pounds of ecstasy and 3 pounds of 'magic' mushrooms. The prosecution also referred to the 'storefront' and the business nature of the operation.

Then Bud was given an opportunity to respond. He spoke eloquently about his position and attempts to communicate with the Canadian authorities, his recognition before parliament in addition to his charter challenge - to the cognitive liberty we all deserve, and that the CDSA fundamentally manufactures crime - such as the almost daily gun shootings here in our own communities. He also explained his position as an amateur in the courts. Strangely the judge allowed him to receive a document someone had placed on the bar - and ultimately the judge took it away for 1/2 an hour. She then returned and said she'd identified his cognitive liberty issue - and the claim that the CDSA causes crime, not the drugs or use of them.

She said her 'belief' was that the CDSA didn't cause the crime, and dismissed his document and handed it back to him!

Then she told Bud that she was detaining him until trial, and that she really recommended Bud get a lawyer as he was facing serious charges.She pushed Bud to talk to a lawyer and stood down for 1/2 an hour to allow that - but ultimately Bud didn't hear back. So he agreed to return at 9:00am Monday morning.

On the weekend Bud retained a lawyer, and they appeared in court ( the arraignment) and asked that it get put off till Wed at 9:00am, February 16th - to allow the lawyers get up to speed.

So please attend in the morning if you see this message, take an hour or two out of your day for Bud. Be prepared to empty your pockets and get scanned if you enter the courts - so travel light!

Bud's lawyers say he has an option to ask the Supreme court to review his detainment - but it will cost him about 15k to do that. That may take about 6 weeks - but until then at least Bud is in jail.

Tomorrow he faces a choice of pleading guilty to the charges - or at least some of them, I.e. A deal with the prosecutor. Or he could plead not guilty - where his trial is likely to happen 4-6 months away. This would be his only option to use his 'defense' at trial. It wouldn't necessarily get his charter challenge before the supreme court either.

With both options he may be facing 6 months to 1 year - based on other precedents and similar 'activist' cases!

We will be asking for donations from all concerned with Bud the Oracle. He has managed to retain a lawyer and can take this quite a long way - but will need your help, as it's a slow expensive process! Please lookout for the post regarding donations and how to support Bud, while he remains in jail!


Kepper102 said...

sounds like this judge is being paid to say the statements shes saying if she doesnt think the CDSA causes crime .

Erin said...

Some of the planets in our solar system are aligned the same as they were in the 60's. The time has come for a revolution. We should rally together, we should unite and protest at Bud's trial. He is not a drug dealer he is a medicine man. Bud is my medicine man!! I am outraged. We are not free, even in Canada we are not free. We are still a enslaved human race. No more!! How can we free Bud?