Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some thoughts on my predicament today.

It has been a tremendous strain on my psyche. The last month was made more bearable because I spent it in a cell with Tim Felger a fellow activist from Mision/Abbotsford area. We could get along on an agreeable level. Many conversations were had exploring our follies and small achievements and we came to certain understandings about the general pot/CDSA activism arena. This was a more pleasant interaction than recounting criminal adventures and venting hate at other prisoners and guards for Tim and I. We would both agree that we are not alike in our approaches, yet share a longing for social justice.

I am formally resigning my position of Chief Justice from the UDS, because I have decided to go in another direction. My goal now is to hope others will challenge the current draconian drug laws from within the system. It is through someone's help that I have a place to live, as well as some small hope of future success. The Herculean effort of research that has been put forth has introduced me to effective, compassionate and direction oriented people on the other side of the ocean. The Drug Equality Alliance group website is very informative and needs everyone's support. They have given very good advice and continue to support my efforts through information sharing. The plight of Casey William Hardison is especially important to me. Listen to and read his address to the World Psychedelic Forum on his website.

I am in dread of what the future has in store for me personally, but I do have hope for others who continue in this vital struggle. My options are extremely limited. I am old and not very resilient. I have been a disappointment to many throughout my life and so it goes. I do regret my mistakes and apologize for letting people down. These drug laws are meant to break people. It really is a war against people who think a certain way. In my life I have not been harmed so much by my drug use, but by the law and the criminal justice system, and the attitudes of people who buy into the government drug propaganda.

As Stephen Harper said recently, upon the occasion of Osama Bin Laden's execution, before any trial was ever held, "Protection of the public is the first and foremost duty of the government" at the one minute mark of this video. He did not mention the rule of law, a right to a fair trial, or the strange collapse of the twin towers, as well as building seven. Mr. Harper did mention the 24 Canadian deaths at the 911 eleven tragedy, though, as a reason for Canada's vigilant stand with the USA against world terrorism. He also did not mention the thousands of Canadians, both innocent and involved, who have died, or have been harmed as a direct result of Canada's drug laws. I guess only certain people, in his estimation, are worthy of protection from the Government, not the intravenous users who have been kept safe at the trial injection sites here in Vancouver, nor even the fifty thousand a year who fall prey to the use of the government approved drug, tobacco, alone. Only certain people who use relatively benign drugs which are deemed socially and morally unacceptable are criminally sanctioned, replacing protection, whether or not these people harm anyone else.

In my view it was the fourth option in the video below and stupid Canadians will believe the lie to the tune of goose stepping behind American bullcrap in all areas, including drug policy, even to the extent of happily sacrificing 152 of their own.

It seems his rational is to declare certain drugs illegal first, based on moral assumptions, and then discount the fact that these substances which fall under the CDSA are in total 60 times less dangerous than the government "approved" drugs, tobacco and alcohol. The fact that criminal law is supposed to govern harmful behavior of people towards others does not enter into Judicial or political thinking. In fact, the CDSA is an act that does not actually give the minister a power to make any substance illegal, but provides for their control and regulation only. If it is for public safety reasons, as is claimed by the government, then why are the most dangerous drug, tobacco and alcohol exempt?

This discrimination between "certain" drug users and others was brutally hammered home to me as Judge Rideout dismissed my request for a stay of proceedings on the grounds of unequal treatment under the law, when he said, "This is an argument I might entertain over martinis with friends, but not in my courtroom." I sought to plead out at this stage, because I could see that Canadian jurisprudence was hopelessly compromised and loaded against me. Also, I had been ripped off by my former lawyer, Kevin Filko. These injustices are meant to line the pockets of uncaring people who make a living perpetrating tyranny, not for any reasons of social safety. The police are the enforcers for organized crime, keeping the prices steady. The whole thing is a scam of huge proportions designed to generate profit for both legal and illegal monopolies at the expense of harmless peaceful users who are too denigrated and demonized to understand that they have the same rights as a Judge swilling Martinis or smoking cigarettes in front of the courthouse peacefully.

I don't care that I will have to face this judge again for sentencing on September the second. I assume that I will be harmed by Canada's drug laws again. Although my lawyer, Tim Otchitwa, thinks I might get a CSO, I may not accept it. The way I feel today, I may take the time in prison if I am still around at that time and join the ranks of criminals since Canada is bound and determined to make me one. September the second is a long ways away and much can happen between now and then. I understand that the HA is looking for me, according to a comment on my Youtube video. Good, I hope they find me! Who wants to be part of this idiocy anyways?

Here are some interesting concepts which shine light on to why our parliamentary democracy is such a farce.


Jack said...

"I am formally resigning my position of Chief Justice from the UDS, because I have decided to go in another direction."

That is not what you said in Court; in Court you talked about having been delusional due to drug over-use and having been given "bad advice." Why can you not be consistent?

Jack said...

As well, if you are resigning, you have Society Property that needs to be returned: a bible, a letter from health canada and anything else that you know to have been entrusted to your office.

Bud Oracle said...

This is a true mentally ill person, the registrar of the UDS. From his mom's basement, never having earned anything to pay his keep at 26, other than what I paid him, still a virgin and part time Judgment God, he has the gall to trouble me for correspondence sent to me. Should he continue to harass me on the internet or anywhere else I will formerly complain to the BC law Society about his proclaiming himself to be an expert in the law for fees I paid him from my earnings. He can keep the video cam for which I paid and asked him to return, if only this slug who cost me a total of a half year of my life, would leave off harassing me.

Anonymous said...

Wow Man I hope your doing alright & I think you are a truly amazing person, Take care of yourself and I'll try to get there on September 2nd.

Anonymous said...

I am actually under the belief that some people who have obtained university degrees are manipulative, lying, abusive (both verbally & physically). I know all about this as my own mother did this to me for 14 years while I was a child. People who think their so smart think they are powerful & have the right to do whatever they want to anybody anyhow. It wasn't just me. It was also the dozens of boyfriends she went through. It seems to have shaped society & government that way. Hey Klaus, if you ever want to meet for tea & a joint somewhere I'd always be happy to catch up with you--wherever in GVRD. you got my email.. If not, I totally understand-taake it as it comes eh?

Bud Oracle said...

For all those who care my email address is budoracle at

And I appreciate the offer of a toke but am complying with my promise to myself. It is not difficult and I don't actually need it for a medical condition. Life is a bit empty and doesn't resonate very much being straight. And yes University dropouts who haven't really achieved anything in life tend to feel they are above everyone else. This man's behavior speaks of serious mental problems. It is after all my foolishness which is to blame for my predicament. And that may have had roots in drug induced psychosis. Therefore for me going on means taking a new avenue, greater vigilance via a more alert status. I am not a one act play.

therethere said...

Hey Bud,

Just wanted to say hi. And I liked your latest post, even though it seems like things are on the shitty side. My coworker and I were just talking about our pot laws and I came on your website to check out your words. Hope you're well.

Happy customer,