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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

The big lie of our times is that this man is a criminal. Listen to the BS that the cop goes on about heavy duty pot leading to organized crime. Do these bozos never have to say things that make sense or can they just make it up as they go on? Who gives a crap about the pot maybe adding a 2% risk of schizophrenia? There is a friggen 99% chance of smoking tobacco causing cancer! What are these morons trying to say? "If we spend millions of taxpayer dollars we might find something wrong with marijuana" Post the risks on a package of joints and let adults make up their friggen minds as they do for alcohol and tobacco! This is double speak propaganda. Allow the worst drugs a pass and then target the minority for their comparatively safer choices.

Think of the outrageous lies that people send their kids out to die for!

The absolute nonsense the gullible guppies snap up, like twenty goat herders from Afghanistan, with box cutters did this against the mightiest nation on the planet.

The bigger the lie, the more it is accepted.

The reason Mr. Harper wanted so much to have a majority is the same reason the liberals, any political party, crave it: To have a majority in Canadian government means that you control the propaganda machinery of the state. Canadian, all governments really are corporate fronts. That is why we tried to leave it by forming our own society. These corporations are so corrupt they would deny peaceful people their rights and freedoms no matter the pretense of a Bill of Rights. Alex Carey had it correct, there is no democracy only the pretense of it to dupe the masses of gullible people who don't have a clue as to the true condition of slavery they are under.

The worst cuts in Canadian history to social services are set to be implemented under the guise of tax relief. At the end of it you will be paying more in taxes, but receiving less of your money back. Take a look at the wealth Alberta's government could have at its finger tips and how little of it trickles down to its citizens. Not much compared with the wealth of the corporations which are stealing the resource heritage of Albertans.

Will Jack Layton be the opposition leader who might be able to wrangle out a backlash to the Conservative dictatorship over the next 5 years? Will it matter?

Elected Senators indeed, Mr. Harper! Not bloody likely, only voter rejected claptrap fills vacant seats, today. Canadians, like the rest of North American citizens are morons of the extreme sort, too stupid to understand what is a lie and what is in their best interest.

Who even thinks about justice in a world that is this stupid?

Here is something you can do from the comfort of your home to "end the war on drugs"

If you haven't watched this excellent 9/11 truth video featuring the Theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin, 9/11 the Myth and Reality, below, it will be worth it. What makes me refer to it after watching it again, is that one of the solutions he encourages people to get behind besides Revolution and Non violent Revolution is that of making funds available to by the public for helping ordinary people to run for public office. This, he says is a guard against Plutocracy, or rule by the rich. He mentions this in the last five minutes of the video and it rang an immediate bell about Mr. Harper wanting to slash public funding for election campaigns.

You will notice the age of his audience and the way they seem to not want this type of criminal fraud masquerading as their government. The fact is Canadians are largely asleep behind the wheel and addicted to the slave's drugs Alcohol and Tobacco. Although I listened to most of the hockey game tonight, the drunken idiotic clamor of celebration which continued for hours after the win, made me want to revisit the "Legal" drug issue here again tonight. Alcohol makes one stupid and happy being entertained with small things, such as believing that a home team Stanley cup victory is an important thing in one's life, no matter if you have a hard time walking to the store and never learned how to skate. Tobacco is a non beneficial altered state, other than it makes one feel better to have fed the addiction which it demands of its slaves, both are tax treasures for the government with the added benefit that smokers will usually die by the time it comes for the government to dole out its pensions and social benefits. Tobacco the perfect "legal" drug: an instrument which raises huge taxes, keeps the addict busy providing for their addiction with a false measure of relief as soon as they light up and providentially eliminates the user at the end of their productivity cycle.

My GF heard Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice, speaking tonight in a Youtube and remarked, "he doesn't sound all that bright," thinking that we had a good chance to win with our reasonable argument. It's not about reason, just as it isn't about getting to smoke pot if medical marijuana becomes freely available, IMO. It's really time for a revolution before the mass roundups start, because that is where it is heading in Canada. If these things depended on reason, arguments such as this would hold sway. And the friggen Liberals and NDP don't want to get together and form a viable opposition to the left of these right wing freedom hijackers, Mr. Harper's marching corporate Nazis. All for themselves and their dreams to hijack full control, nothing for the benefit of the people. That is why two out of five voters stay home, nothing in it for them either!

Here is something giving some background to today's world and which is much deeper than hockey. Something not too many Canadians would be interested in because it doesn't go well with beer.

Watch The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear in Politics | View More Free Videos Online at

One thing I get from watching this stuff is that government policy is what is causing these shitty side effects in society, human nature remains the same. What you see around you depends on the mindset you have. If you are born with a conservative filter you will see depravity and degeneration in liberalism. If you are born more liberal minded you will see a moving forward to an inevitable growth/mental expansion and danger in conservatism. People don't realize we need a balance of both ends of the spectrum of political thought.

The Drug laws don't work because they are the problem, not human nature. Intolerance based on fear installing regressive laws is the cause of human conflict, not mental expansion. The ever increasing use of substances by humans is a direct result of the policies in effect. It could not be due to any other thing. Humans don't change in their basic nature over a century, only their reactions to the social stimulae change. If they are being enslaved they will seek avenues of escape.

Watch The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear in Politics | View More Free Videos Online at

What my Lady and I have been discussing this morning is the legal argument upon which she is fixated. Me not so much (that's why I have her in my life-to add balance.) I see that the forces that be are not about to obey the rule of law. IMO no matter how reasonable an argument, if they don't wish to hear it then it will be dismissed. On the one hand, thankfully we activists are a diverse bunch with different paradigms, mindsets and experience history. I've told her that a lawyer will see this as a legal fight, where as someone like Tim Felger will see it as a street fight with the cops. A self medicating toker who can't function without his Marijuana will see it as a medical MJ issue. What we are missing is the unifying effect of true leadership like the sixties and Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Timothy Leary, John Lennon and others. Governments have made it dangerous and socially isolating for truly talented leaders who are prosperous in their own right due to business savvy and talents, to stand up and be counted. We have no leadership who can can command thousands out onto the streets to tell them "You fuck with our leaders, we will disrupt your friggen day." The medicating effects of these substances and the fact that these drugs are so widely available has cut the legs off the anger which needs to come to the fore. How dare these assholes in Government take away our freedom to peacefully do as we wish, like any tobacco smoker, wine drinker! They do this while at the same time creating a pariah of organized crime as another entity of prey upon our community. All due to the bullshit propaganda of fear of drug use campaign, just like the fear of terrorist BS. All because perverted idiots who claim to know what is best for others based on small minded linear thinking are in power putting forth their fear based agenda, social policies to cure society from its own human nature. The Neo-cons used their own CIA propaganda as a basis to formulate cold war policy, not the facts about Russia. It is the same with drug policy. The facts are ignored and self initiated fears stand in for reason. This lie is then spread far and wide with government machinery until no judges, lawyers, teachers, are left to promote the truth and rely on rational thinking. How does a reasonable argument based on logic, on truth, get through this armor of unreason? My GF would say "not easily," and I love her for this dogged tenacity.

Watch The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear in Politics | View More Free Videos Online at

When we get "mad as hell" and disrupt the complacent lives of the sheep, showing up in the streets by the thousands we will succeed. The rag tag fifty to a couple of hundred or so supporters who showed up on behalf of Marc Emery, although marginally better than the twenty or so faithful (I appreciate them very much) that showed up in court on my behalf aren't going to cut it in the grand scheme of things. We need tens of thousands to disrupt traffic on these issues so that the armed goons who are all about assaulting people at the G8 get the drift we want our friggen rights, too! How much do we want them? Bad enough to get off the couch and leave the bong behind for a day! This is the same issue, at the core, that people in the middle east are risking their lives for. Freedom from the tyranny of unreasonable government. How dare Mr. Harper tells us what we can peacefully enjoy in our diets by saying "drugs are bad?" How dare Rob Nicholson misuse to CDSA as an arbitrary instrument of oppression where it was designed to control and regulate all drugs and substances for public safety purposes, not to make criminals out of a certain minority of people?

It always amazes me that it is a small group of neo cons in the Reagan administration, or a even a single guy like Anslinger, Harper, who ends up in very powerful positions skillfully manipulating their way by coopting the state propaganda machinery for their own purposes. Proroguing parliament, contempt of parliament denying democratic rules of government and the bozos seem to think that these are brilliant tactics, rather than the imminent signs of dictatorship.

Here is a very brave young lady with a social conscience speaking truth to power:

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