Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you Cherie Say (click for my facebook link)

Thank you Cherie Say for your generous $200 contribution to the cause. This came at the most critical time for Amanda and I. In a cruel world such as ours it is hard to see the good of humanity sometimes. It is people such as yourself that truly make the difference in things such as this. We all appreciate this and you will never be forgotten. I am sure that when my final DMT trip comes around that the memory of how good this felt will come back to comfort me in my passing. I am still crying more than hour later as the picture in my facebook post shows.

There has not been one smidgeon of help from those who belonged to the UDS except John West who was the only one to show ups and help Amanda move me out of my apt when i was in Jail Mark Boyer actually moved in failed to pay rent and then didn't want to move . He swore at and obstructed Amanda while she brought her friends to move. In times like these you will find out who is all about. The Registrar swore at her and never ever lifted a finger stole a camera and accepted a wage. A true picture of a misogynist if there ever was one. I was ripped off while in jail by former supporters whom I trusted. No wonder most people think ill of drug using people.

Amanda has asked me to remove this video as she feels it has crossed her personal boundaries so I did

What you see in the video is an emotionally complex, perhaps bipolar man off his meds by court order and because he is too poor to afford them

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