Sunday, September 7, 2008

Canadian soldier killed, 7 wounded in Afghanistan

As I go around Vancouver trying to run for city council, to my regret no one seems to be focussed on the afghan war. They aren't even focussed on City politics.

I find this a strange thing because I am endlessly engaged on all fronts and care about every nuance of what is currently happening. Very few people care about much beyond their personal lives.

As a realist I must consider my scheme of Technology Assisted Direct Democracy as impractical. People want to be led, and like to complain.

Politics: It is a nasty business, pulling the wool over someone's eyes. There can be no honor in it, by its nature. People don't want to listen, but talk about their ideas (just like me). The most passionate debate today focussed on off leash dog park issues. Perhaps a jaunt defending the right of a person to use LSD or any other substance that they wished without criminal sanction, was a close second.

If I can say that will defend a holy roller's right to roll holy, even though I believe they are nuts and dangerous, then I expect the same freedoms! Otherwise I really don't give a crap what these Canadians are dying for. Certainly not to make me free or keep me safe. Their buddies keep on saying that we should not cut and run. Who in the hell do these brainwashed grunts think they are? My elected representatives? Go ahead and die for American Imperialism, that's your prerogative. It doesn't mean that you have an edge on what is ethical for my Country. My views are just as valid.

Maybe the lack of concern over our continued Canadian losses in a controversial war is a defense mechanism to keep themselves isolated from making a true commitment to war in general and to this one specifically. It is a low level issue because people wish to avoid the hard subjects. Or maybe people know instinctively that it is an artificial war and don't have the nerve to oppose it like so many Americans have been coerced to support idiocy to remain patriotic.

I can't reconcile the numbers of surveyed Canadians who claim to be against this war and Harpers 38-40% support. Someone is sitting on the fence! Or that is the level of understanding in the minds of Canucks. We can't figure that a vote for Steve, George's buddy, means an extension beyond 2011. I think Obama wants to be there forever, as well, to prove that he too can kick ass with the Marines in Good American Tradition.

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