Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Breach of Trust charges against 4 VPD officers. File # 2007-3691 (click for full audio version)

The incident which sparked this example of dangerous and poor policing was a home invasion and assault perpetrated on me in front of a witness on March 14, 2007, 11 am, and is as follows . This statement was sent to the VPD a few hours after the attack early in the morning of March 15 (I was asleep for a while, probably as a result of the assault and blows to my head)

>>>>>>>>>>>>read from notes<<<<<<<<<<

Next day 9:20 am, there came a bylaw officer who told me that he was sent to apprehend my dog by the VPD.

Also the first appearance of the story of “an email can change the world” in the Canadian press disappeared. When later I had some portions of the officer's notes released she had already, before seeing me, labeled me as “Suspect.” the only information her notes contained were the manager's lies and allegations.

After a few days I figured out what happened and sent the evidence of my proof using the phone records and recording of the 911 call to the VPD. Here it is:

>>>>>>>>>>>read from notes<<<<<<<<<<<<

These VPD goons (perhaps in criminal partnership with the manager) tried to paint me as the aggressor in an incident where there was a home invasion in front of a witness, because they were either too lazy, or too corrupt, to investigate properly and took the word of the manager who was in criminal partnership with the perpetrator. He tried for weeks to intimidate me and lure me into fighting him. I did have enough evidence through telephone records to get her fired, and the aggressor kicked out of the building, but not before she tried 3 times to evict me illegally. This is done by the cops to the poor and down trodden all the time. They then end up on the street in a terminal prolonged death sentence.

These four cops labeled me, before interviewing me, a suspect and failed to take a single note on my behalf. They ignored the evidence of the break in and disregarded eyewitness statements to do the bidding of our manager from hell. She had grow ops in the building with the perpetrator. These are the officers: Tanya Laboutiller 2101, Martin Formanek 2136, William Sandberg 2349, Robert Phoenix 2169.

I took these goons to the Police Complaints Commission, File # 07-3691, Section 52 of the Police Act, Breach of Trust. What a load of pure lies and hogwash that process is. I still have the records and physical evidence to prove these cops liars. The whole process is an affront to the rule of law and entrenches criminal behavior and poor performance by the police.

I continue to have headaches almost two years after the attack, and can't seek compensation because the poor corrupt policing has left me the perpetrator in their records. The city of Vancouver said that they would provide an MRI, yet now they won't, leaving me hounded by a collection agency. Yeah, free health care, police “services.” Fuck off with the bullshit, because I and many others ain't buying it anymore Mr. Wally Oppal, John Van Dongan.

The end of the Breach of Trust file.


What follows is the reaction to this "Policing Service" and why I withdrew my consent to be governed by the corporate, criminal entity, Canada. (any quasi legal defacto group calling itself the government that allows its agents break the laws, even to kill and never be held accountable, is a criminal entity)

And these are the fuck-ups that are supposed to police my personal adult choices and can make me a criminal bringing down the full force of the law if I am smoking a "prohibited" substance?

As if I did something that all the quasi legal compassion clubs don't do now, advertise their services and products to the public. All I did was ask nicely, on two different occasions, 2 police officers if the wished to purchase Cannabis, for the purposes of clarifying our laws and for the betterment of society. Just what is the law here Mr. Oppal-there are no medical exemptions under the present laws, but compassion clubs are allowed to operate. I declared my Compassion for society in trying to get drug dealing from the playgrounds because the government isn't doing it. Since last June I have been unmolested and boldly selling Cannabis from my place. Now I want to know why I couldn't approach two cops and do what seems to be legal? Just what is up here?

If I was this foggy and ambiguous I would never have been able to safely fly cross country on hang gliders. Who in the fuck can follow exactly what the law is in this country? Who could figure out just how it might be applied? For whomever might break it, at any given time and circumstance.

Rule of Law? what a fucking farce! Thankfully Canadians are unsophisticated bovines, far too engrossed in the Hockey Game for our Officials to have to worry much as they fleece them a thousand ways.

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