Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Scam of Government Services (click for audio)

What the “need” for Government is all about, was brought home by another encounter this morning on my way to the store.. As I do all the time, I set out with my White Wolf up the steep driveway. He was off leash as he always is, because I don't leash him until we get to the sidewalk up top. It makes it safer walking up this steep, sometimes icy, hill, for me. He was staying as far to the right on the pavement as possible when the manager's husband tried to take a swing at him with the shovel.

This guy, had been shoveling a mountain of garbage, which he and the manager had let pile up for a month now, since the snow first came. The truck could not come to get the bin and the tenants had been dumping beside the overflowing, neglected bin. His wife, the manager, harangued me to leash my dog as I walked by. Aloofus was waiting up top on the sidewalk for me as she spoke to me. She threatened twice to call the Bylaw officer.

I retorted, “THE GARBAGE IS A HEALTH HAZZARD. GET IT CLEAN OR I WILL CALL A CITY HEALTH OFFICER.” (I didn't mean it though. I just want the garbage cleaned up in a timely manner and not to be harassed, having been patient with this older couple for a month now.)

Thinking hard on my way to the store, it occurred to me that these contentious people might believe that it was my dog, not the huge rats or fat raccoons, which had been into this mountain of vermin breeding garbage.

There you have it, these lazy people are ready to call on city government for its services, in order to threaten me, a peaceful citizen not bothering anyone. Yet they are guilty of helping the building's rat infestation explode. I can hear them in the walls all the time, now. The smell and eyesore for dozens of tenants has been a continuous problem around the bin area for more than a year, culminating in this horrendous mess, yet the city bylaw services will work over time to make me a lawbreaker for my dog being off leash.

That is the problem with our modern Canadian government: there is too much of it! The function of most government departments seems to be to help the greedy landlords, the rich who wish to enslave us, and the contentious, to screw with ordinary citizens. Therein the government agents prove their worth and shoehorn themselves into jobs which they have made “indispensable”. This is done with multitudes of corporate statutes, ranging from the prohibition laws at the federal level to the leash bylaws of city governments. These statutes all seems to be designed to oppress people.

Let's have a fossil fuel burning bylaw which might make the air I breath safer, before we have uniformed goons chasing around free-roaming four footed creatures. I'm seriously tired, as are many other Canadians, of this costly government bullshit, designed to help enslave us by bureaucracy, so that we can be fleeced by the rich and powerful. My dog being off leash, in this immediate area, entertains himself with catching rats. He's gotten 3 since Christmas. They hide in the many fallen trees left as hazards and rat cover by the management. Al posts himself strategically to snatch them up as they follow their routes. This is a natural response to the garbage problem causing vermin infestation, which costs no one money, yet I am the one breaking the law for having my dog unleashed.

Therefore, I withdraw my consent to be governed by this criminal corporate entity called Canada and all of its subsidiary agencies.

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