Saturday, February 28, 2009

BC AG Wally Oppal makes me hot! (click for audio version)

A more considered critique of the Wally Oppal interview on “the House” CBC Radio One: by bud oracle

The Attorney General of BC, of whom I have often written, has again affronted me personally by coming out with such obvious bull crap. Does he take me for an idiot? On the one hand he states that no crime experts think that harsh laws, tougher penalties alone will deter criminals. Then Wally seems to speak hopefully to those few criminals who might be listening. I have seldom heard such equivocating crap come from someone in charge of public safety, before. Admittedly he is speaking to a limited small number of criminals yet he expects these laws to make our society safer? Is he drunk? Make up your mind, or even a point that is relevant, Wally. Don't try to spin pipe dream doobies from thin air.

The best thing in the way of outrageous, IMO, is when he comes out with a theory about the American Canadian border being shut down the moment we repealed prohibition. First off this is a diversion. It is Wally's jurisdiction and expertise to be concerned with how the law makes our society safer or unsafe, not foreign policy. Second the idea that this Obama administration would shut down trade with Canada over us asserting our own sovereignty is absurd. There is not a shred of evidence for it. Rather this is one instance where instead of Canada taking on Trudeau's old role of the mouse to the elephant, we should try to take up my new position as Elephant driver and guide the Dumb American beast to a safer social path, do our neighbor a good deed. This is the time for leadership, not Wally Oppal's retreat to social injustice through bad laws to appease an oppressor Nation. This proves to me that he has no ethical foundation, if compassion for a safer society is outweighed by trade concerns.

When Wally mentions “the cops got to catch more criminals” HE IS PARROTING AMERICAN PRISON INDUSTRY/Justice system rhetoric. This about making crime an industry, not social safety.

The man is a fraud when he claims to be a product of the sixties, not about to “reveal” his association with pot. To pretend that he understands the other side of the spectrum by implying that he might have toked, is a lie. Wally never had a toke and couldn't prove it to save his life. He is not honest enough to exhibit the compassion a toker has naturally for others made into criminals over something so safe and benign.

I react strongly to this dishonest man's blatant political spin, so poorly disguised and delivered in a con man's pitch. In the original interview off the radio my comments are spontaneously spawned by visceral reactions to the bullshit and my language is a tad colorful, but at least I am honest.

This is the last day of February 2009 thanks for listening, bud oracle saying “stay healthy and aware, make your own choices”

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