Thursday, February 26, 2009

PM Harper Peddles Political crime bill Vancouver

THIS MORNING ON THE Early Edition a young “reformed” (read conforming with government position) gang member was getting his theories aired. Rick asked this punk, as if he were an Oracle, for his opinion on the repeal of prohibition, decrim rather than legalization.

The guy replied “That's an interesting theory! But I think these guys would just find something else to do like right now they have a 24 hr booze delivery service, or undercutting legal cigarette prices by importing cheaper/stolen smokes.

Yeah, this punk still wet behind the ears gets to say this bullshit, because that is the government line. CBC is working as a bullhorn for the government again.

Think about it. A 5 billion dollar per year business is going reorganize around booze and perhaps midnight delivery services. Why not just allow legal delivery 24 hrs service? Or the absurdity to think that these huge drug empires are going to take up the slack flogging black market smokes.

This is the government fraud on which Harper and the elected members keep trying to deny the validity of repeal/decriminalization, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME USING THE CRISIS AS A POLITICAL FOOTBALL.

This tweaking of the laws , might appear tough on crime to the gullible, but it won't make a spit of difference to the actual violent crime rate. It is an arbitrary linear political solution to bad publicity primarily with a shaky foundation in reality.

This is what we are facing if we continue down this absurd path: 5000 deaths in Mexican drug wars.

The real solutions come from people such as this, not the victim dupes our Daft van Dongen is dragging around to promoter his bullshit: Howard Wooldridge, a former Texas Ranger, Jack Cole of LEAP, Dr. Richard Mathias of UBC, Milton Friedman Economist,

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