Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beren decision: The degrees held by members of Bar are important

I have to admit that I am wrong again! (This process is rejuvenating and a heck of a lot cheaper then holding an Inquiry)

Finally, I understand that the real value in the legal process is the degree. It gives one the network of all others who have paid heavily for this accreditation. All the required actors will dutifully agree on the “Value” of such a verdict and thereby give it credence. This Podcast is how I started off my morning after sleeping on the Beren waffling

Obviously this Regina vs Beren decision was a triumph of... of.... something. Here is my Psiloscybin solution which took less than 10 minutes to unravel 5 years of legal bullshit. The following was written after I had recorded this start of my day trip. Don't be trying to tell me that Psychedelics make me stupid.

It seems to make a mockery out of the Justice to me, but I can see how by giving Mathew a full discharge after finding him guilty, the hefty fees of his lawyers are made worthwhile. Yet we can allow the law itself to stand, to serve as a future income generator for fellows of the Law Society.

All of this 5 year long farce to allow fellows of the law society with degrees to support each other with more bullshit and not make one iota of difference to anyone, except the lawyers who earned a good living from it, at a great cost to society.

This is hilarious that these people feel that we can't see through this.

This is what justice has come to, in Canada 2009!

I am glad that I learned to fly hang gliders when I was young. All I need to do now is close my eyes and soar

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