Monday, February 2, 2009

222 Main Street Vancouver: Misery Mill

The entire blockade-like concrete edifice, all of its staff is wholly devoted to, supported by, the illegal drug Prohibition laws.

While these robed criminal lechers drone on and perpetrate a law designed just for such a primary self serving purpose, oppression (all the while wrapped in a Nobel notion of protecting the innocent from themselves), they ladle out heaping measures of crime and danger to Canadians at major cost to us. It's plain to see why lawyers want to perpetuate this misery: they live off it!

The side effects of Prohibition are costly in themselves, cost us much to produce, and pervade every facet of our society to keep this edifice of tyranny operating. They contribute to general lawlessness, poor policing, organized drug dealing, production of dangerous addictive drugs, drug dealing to ever younger children in our playgrounds, petty crime and the escalation of drug criminal population in our country for arbitrary reasons. Only the effects of the law itself are filling our prisons. The users are in themselves not as dangerous to themselves, or others, as are the laws dangerous to everyone.

No user of drugs burdens Canadians with such extreme abuse: flying lead in my neighborhood, murder of innocents who are in the wrong place, more drunken crime because more armed aggressive youth have drug money and drug turf to fight over. Not only that, but this law allows our politicians to perpetrate crimes on our citizens and never be held accountable, thereby destroying the rule of law and creating a police state ruled by closed societies such as those of the law.

Acts of social conscience are used against the citizens at the risk to their lives, while the misery mill continues its production.

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