Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bud Oracle's Secret: The Karma gods and Kush!

Of course I started my day out the same as any day! Don't want to change anything that's working, eh? I was questioned as to a certain "smell" as I was searched and passed through security. I remarked " A bad smell? or a good smell?" So the Judge got to communicate with me while I was under the full influence. We were doing well! I did not do this out of disrespect, this is just my day.

If I had tried going with the freeman status, I would not have done as well. I consider myself a Freeman now, but I did initiate these actions under the name of my person and it wouldn't be fair to expect to just walk away from responsibility. Also I did want to go before the Canadian Justice system and bring my cause forward when I began this escapade. So I was reluctant to just walk away from it.

This wish I was granted in the most unconventional of ways. It suites my nature. I believe thats what the judge did: go to my blog to get a feel for who I might be! There is nothing untoward doing that. Not every marijuana salesperson is a blogger and exhibitionist such as I and the cops could use my stuff to try to build a case, too.. I believe it was my ability to express myself directly to the Judge both in my work and his presence that made it happen. He saw: How genuine I was. How screwed up. what motivated me. He had the perfect opportunity to see what concerns I had on a wide variety of subjects. If he is a CBC Radio One listener he would get a sense in my writings of the rising and ebbing tide in real time connection with the news.

The fact that he reviewed R v Parker in anticipation of this trial tells me that he was seriously engaged in hearing my case. He might have even wished to have the input into this issue and caught on to my plans as I revealed them here. The way he was short with Jack, and so very helpful to me, twice commenting how easy a procedure was and by his words and behavior. I quickly felt he was sincerely reaching out to me. It took this soaring pilot about 1 second to begin to core this bit of joyful lift/respect. The kind Judge Rideout put me at ease immediately. I trusted him on his open considerate attitude towards me.

First off he immediately wished to know the correct pronunciation of my name and he actually welcomed me into his court. I felt welcome! Then he corrected the various players in the pronunciation until they got it right. I felt truly respected in the way he treated me and it still brings a tear to my eyes.

Judge Rideout got the Police witnesses to drop the "accused" and just refer to me as Mr. Kaczor. We actually discussed aspects of the law and questioning as equals. He was very helpful in the explanations of where I could go somewhere and why not in my line of questioning. In his summation of my motives for doing this crime he used words that exactly expressed my views on how this lawlessness and gang violence is directly caused by the prohibition laws themselves.

He gave me a feeling that for me in this instance the forces that be, heard me and agreed with me, and did their best to right a wrong. I believe that within the narrow constraints of his legal "template"/realm, he did the very best that he could. It amazes me how narrow the focus is in a courtroom. There seems little room for wide vistas of human life. To think that some people claim to be able to influence human chemistry, emotions and desires, with laws and drama that takes place in such a small room. It's insane!

The thing I get is that my writings were effective in having argued my case before a Judge in an unconventional way. The power of the written word has saved me the expense of a lawyer with a result that leaves me feeling blessed. Yes I did offer to sell marijuana to two police officers twice. Technically I was guilty of it and it was me that came up up that bright idea for the purpose of coming before the courts to try to change the laws. Yes I could have attempted a formal charter challenge, but I have no money and did the best I could for about the cost of the pot $600.00 or so and $35.00 for a letter to the AG.

For a poor man I felt that I got a good bang for the buck!

Personally, I received back from Judge Rideout a renewed respect for the law. As I mulled this over today I realized that the Karma gods gave me exactly what I needed as a just reward for my efforts.

I consider my Claim of right to be in effect, because it wasn't rejected and all I did was answer for what the person Klaus Kaczor did. I will keep the peace! I will not approach cops or anyone downtown to sell Cannabis. But I will also continue my activism and this time if any one comes for me on their initiative I will take the proper steps.

The insanity of the SG and the Police chiefs telling us that we are going to solve this with more gang focussed police initiatives is presently coming from the radio. I am sure Judge Rideout and many others are listening too, shaking their heads The SG is daft!

To Mr. Hogg I wish to state that I saw no waters of any kind, dangerous or not, in the court room!

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