Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Local programs echo my words, also reflections on Mr. Hogg.

CBC Radio One News. (Edited & Reposted)

As a sidebar, the cost of security for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics has risen from the projected 175 million, only a year ago in Boom times, to in the billions in these sad times.

I don't think these guys who get huge salaries are very good at the job of understanding the true complexity of things. This Oracle is free-roaming for real, on the land once again, in full headgear!!! The great Karma is flowing back and forth once again.

CBC local shows are interviewing a good cross section, and our words about the linkage of crime to Prohibition are coming back to me from other people's mouths on my favorite shows. Things are great.

I did tell the Crown Attorney, Mr Hogg, the I had some degree of ability of my own and felt confident that it would suffice. It seems a little bit of a reinforcement of my rejecting the help of a Lawyer as being a very good thing to do. To first insinuate in his emails that it was improper to contact MS Merry in regards to the case (Because they were young females needing his protection, leaves me wondering what kind of mental layering goes on in there), then lying and saying she wasn't on the case, Next in the same email, trying to bully me into hiring a lawyer, because I was in "Dangerous Waters"

Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!! I would not take the help of someone so incompetent as Mr. Hogg. In fact I was sure that Jack Roe would have decimated him! He was prepared with a hefty binder and a cohesive, ultimately unassailable argument. I was very confident that should the Judge have allowed Jack to represent me against Mr. Hogg, I would have been extremely well represented, as a gift
from his kind heart. He was as insulted as I with Mr. Hoggs insinuations.

A person who is on a quest for Justice with the forces of good, who is doing what is right, has the Spirit of Gia behind them!

When it was show time, Mr. Hogg the sailor of DANGEROUS WATERS, WAS NOWHERE IN SIGHT!!!!!!!

AND LOW AND BEHOLD, THE PERSON DOING THE JOB OF THE CROWN IN AN EXEMPLARY Fashion, but with no enthusiasm, was the lovely MS Merry. I watched her methodically ask those questions she had written down and the script contained all the answers that she was eliciting from the witnesses. She ticked all off methodically, doing her job with no passion for it except in the doing. She could have been all over me but read the Judge right. Surprising THAT SHE WOULD BE THERE! Mr. Hogg had said in his email that she wasn't even on the case.(The evidence package contain only her name and that of another young female lawyer, not Mr.Hogg's name at all)

Now why would anyone innocent in a matter with evidence to that, need to hire a lawyer if this is how they behave? At least in a matter such as this.


To think that people here, anywhere might doubt that I am an Oracle.

How silly is that? They likely would crucify Jesus Christ, if he was panhandling on the Drive, I think.

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