Monday, February 2, 2009

The Gimli Karma and me....

Here is my honest strategy and approach for court. I may be a fool but this is how I will approach my case because I believe that I should not have anything to fear being on the side of Justice. It came as a response to joyful news and my celebration of it in a post. It follows my totally open honesty-is-the-best-strategy policy, so that someone can't paint some other reason on to what I am doing.

"Rescue of two teenagers on frozen Lake Winnipeg today reminds me of the lucky landing of the Gimli glider which saved many lives too.
I know that such areas and places exist as an Oracle experienced in Holotropic states.
Where I am living now is a super strong karma place for me. This month is also a very strong time for me."

All four of my children were conceived in February, including the one we lost at birth, It's a good time for me to go to court on February 9th.

Make my day Mr. Hogg, Constitutional lawyer supreme!

From the email trumped-up threat and some fear mongering "Dangerous waters in Court" "Even lawyers hire lawyers" I can tell that he is running scared.

At the moment that I am forced to defend myself as the person "KK" and not be allowed my free man on the land status, I will do my best to persuade the Judge of my honest sincere compassion for my fellow citizens and their children and my desire to have this crime/DEATH causing, law repealed.

I will make the Judge aware of the implied threat that Mr. Hogg perpetrated upon me and directly answer to the reason why I don't feel I need a lawyer.

I will throw myself upon the wisdom and mercy of the Judge and in a calm articulate fashion, detail why the law must go and why I don't feel the money spent on a lawyer would be a good idea.

THIS OF COURSE WOULD BE THE STORY of how I caught the top ministers of the government breaking the Hate Crimes act.

Besides being able to prove how corruption causing the Prohibition laws really are, I would also be able to float into evidence that this is the underlying reason why I feel that I need not hire a lawyer to represent me.

Anne McLellan is a lawyer and was the Minister of Public
when she committed her crimes. (breaking of the Hate Crimes Act and also the cover up and stepping away from her sworn oaths to see that Justice prevails)

Irwin Cotler is a lawyer and was Minister of Justice, no less, when he committed his crimes and subverted Justice.

I wanted the same kind of diligent pursuit of Justice as he did pursue David Ahenekew with. I wanted to, and tried to, charge Juliano Zaccardelli with the Hate Crime that he is still on many video archives committing. The fact that he is on record retracting his statements and apologizing shows me that they understood that they were breaking the law, but got off by going lightly on themselves.

Either these trained Lawyers (High priced no doubt) did this on purpose, which is evident to me, because they sure are afraid to let a charge come against them,


THESE HIGHLY PAID MONKEYS ARE TRULY INCOMPETENT, in my reasoned opinion as an intelligent lay person.

So I kind of think that I don't need to lower myself to the competency level of a high priced lawyer if all I want to do is tell the Judge the truth about why I wanted to confront these crime/mayhem causing Prohibition laws..

I say "Make my day, Mr.Hogg"

Let me tell the Judge exactly why I stuck my head into a police car Twice, to offer Cannabis for sale and risk my life in my bold honesty from all quarters, from criminals who have a lot to loose/cops who have a lot to loose. Let me also tell that Judge why I don't trust the honesty and competence of lawyers.

I feel real good! This is akin to standing on a hang gliding launch on a strong day. There is a tingle of anticipation within me with a subtle accompanying increase of pepsins.

You bet I am ready for this, otherwise I wouldn't be standing here.

You have to remember that I was the one who initiated this and tried my best to come before a reasonable Judge. Mr. Hogg is jumping to my tune, not the other way around.

I have given him a graceful way out, otherwise I will present my strong case to the Judge AND BE HAPPY TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO.


I am sure I can prove that to a reasonable Judge. The reason being is compassion for my fellow citizens and in the interests of Justice have always been the concern since I started this civil action. Unlike all the rest who could be said to use activism as a cover for illegal activities once caught, I started to sell drugs expressly to come before a Judge/Jury to challenge the laws

Yeah maybe I am one toke over the line! But I am proud of it, too!

Make my day Mr. Hogg! You will not coerce me into putting out good money for a poorly trained/poorly performing member of any law society

Update on the Regina Vs Berens case today.

Medical marijuana rules unconstitutional: B.C. judge

Beren, his voice cracking, said he was happy the five-year ordeal was over.

“I was facing 14 years or more in jail. Of course, I’m relieved,” he said.

He said he knew the risks, but couldn’t stand to see sick people suffer because they couldn’t get their medicine.

There is a brave man. I model myself upon him and have compassion for my neighbors who are downtrodden with the multiple fatal side effects of this law.

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