Monday, February 23, 2009

On being an Oracle

How to think about science episode 24

Nicholas Maxwell.
From Knowledge to Wisdom, first published in 1984

A very interesting article which makes me sure of my place in creation, my reason for being. I crave this kind of stuff. Some people may think that I have done too many Psychedelics recently, or that I am smoking too much Kush. It is good to think, but not all thought is alike in value. I can do this under the influence of Marijuana and have safely, many times. Why are people being made criminals for it's use?

This moment is the occasion of my present euphoric state of being!

I feel as if I am soaring on a grand cross country adventure, in the grip cold high altitude air, the wind rush of the air stream past me/my glider, the sifting noise of lift being dynamically generated on the airfoil, the thrum of the rigging, the feel of the G's loading/shedding, the hard jolts of rough air, the panoramic view past the boot of your harness, the wheeling planet, the puffs of cloud forming at your level beginning to surround you, all of it comes to me full blown now, as I stroll: a Free-roaming Oracle. This feels to be my destiny.

I remember for a long time thinking that I had the same time line as Colonel Sanders for making a success out of my life. He didn't take off and become a recognized name until he was my age now. Therefor, I am expecting things to continue this year in the upward curve that has been apparent now, for some time.

Tomorrow I have a day off, which is fine by me. I will get some printing done so that I may continue to approach people with my activism and invite them to visit my blog. Meeting people is a natural part of me and lately I have had no fliers to leave off, not campaigning for anything. (thank god)

Nothing says I can't advocate for my cause to get violence off the streets, out of our neighborhoods. If people enjoy my writings and return to my blog, fine. Something tells me to do this from within. Soon I might be able to afford a little video camera to take along and do some Utube videos. My life is full, dynamic, awesomely real, now . I feel validated, invigorated: extremely sensuous. Being an Oracle is as grand a soaring flight I have ever had! It is visceral for me.

This is my destiny! I embrace it.

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