Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Gunslinger, Steve "cat killer" Harper, comin' to town shootin' the shit, soon!

Harper to implement more violent crime causing laws in Vancouver on Thursday Feb 26, 2009

Too bad he hasn't got the guts to announce his schedule before he arrives like a thief in the night to lay some more crime causing legislation on us. Here is what the people think as to the real solutions, Mr. Harper:

"Solicitor General, John Van Dongen the Daft, is on BC Almanac Radio One today discussing this violence!" Noon till Two PM, today. The BC Almanac website

The call ins were awesome! I started to listen to the show at home and then had to go visit an employee of the Daft van Dongen's, my probation officer.

How good it was to listen to his BS being refuted on the way. I heard him reluctantly admit to repeal of prohibition as being one possible solution, "That remains the realm of lawmakers."

Purely political bullshit, Mr. Daft van Dongen, because why are the cops always allowed to support prohibition politically within their function as police officers if it is only "up to law makers?"

Are the police officers lawmakers, too?

I'm glad so many, some talented lawyers, took this bullshit artist to task! Thanks!

It was this Daft van Dongen's job to charge the 4 mounties who murdered Robert D at the airport and he had the power to do that. Rather than seeing to an equal rule of Law for everyone, he thinks that tweaking with the already unbalanced power of the state over the accused will work as a strategy for lowering the violence surrounding us.

Are people really that confused to believe something so obviously fraudulent as a solution to such a major deadly complex problem of gang violence, could be slimming of the evidence package and discontinuing the two for one time for awaiting trial? The cops operate illegally mostly already and still these self serving violent fools can't do much.

Why? The laws that these cops are forced to enforce as well as their attitude lead to disrespect. The person who mentioned that the RCMP are hired from a pool of people whose standards are not the normal values of society, was astute in his observation. These out of sync cops are using the prohibition laws to force their own standards on society in a personal way---because they can!

Also the Early Edition Radio One's morning show was alive with the same topic:

Great interview on the Early Edition Radio One with Dr. Richard Mathias of UBC Public Health. He stated a great case for repeal of prohibition of all drugs and reverting to a control/regulated model as a cure for this gang violence.

I don't see the podcast up yet but here is the web page. Get on the call in line and put your two cents worth in! website of Early Edition

Until I asked them to remove it a few months ago, because I was angry at their pro police coverage, the Early Edition used my voice as a promo leader throughout the day "Hi Rick, this is your buddy again......" or something like that.

I really got pissed off at Rick Cluff, due to his hockey addiction and conformist attitude. Always the same government propaganda.

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