Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thoughts on the appeals for Cancer research

I know personally 3 Phd's in the cancer research racket here in Town. We have talked on occasion in the dog parks and I always ask probing questions of these highly trained people every chance I get.

Yes, of course they have made progress and the research does payback small dividends. I think it is a huge scam, though. IMO it is a major error path. They are in a complex way chasing a linear solution for a problem caused by our own lifestyles.

Another person I know, Trish, a pretty woman my age, has been treated for breast cancer recently. My friends and acquaintances are dropping like flies from cancer and these researchers have been at it extracting huge resources from us for decades with very little to show for it while the cancer rates keep growing.

I don't have a Phd, but I have my eyes wide open scanning the whole of my landscape. My humble education in the environmental field and what I continue to research, all provides a hint of where the problem really lies.

Most people don't really understand how much dangerous stuff we have flung indiscriminately about in our "living room" over the decades. We should be working/searching more to seek the cause of these cancers in terms of environmental contamination. Even cows milk can be hazardous, yet politically the lobby for this poison is so strong that we are forced to consume it.

Just as the government imposes the idiocy of the prohibition of Cannabis and even Psychedelics at a tragic cost to our society, we are working to cross purposes.

Why? Because there is no sane leadership, it is all political bullshit. Including cancer research

These are only a bunch of entrenched concepts with powerful lobbies pulling at our hearts strings in an uncoordinated, poor performing, chaos of appeal.

I read everything that hits the popular press about molecular biology and much else, it doesn't really impress me. Due to having been around for a half century, the wisdom of not putting too much store in these highly trumpeted advances has settled upon me. I see them collapse quietly, come to naught, in a few months/years. The truth is that most who are treated still die horrible deaths. I say don't worry so much about death, lets do something that counts while alive and go without fear in a pleasant, non resistant passing, with dignity

I say put you money in the hands of local food banks and shelter ventures. This will be much more beneficial in the long run than funding what turns out to be mostly profit directed research.

The government could make our society much healthier by repealing the prohibition of the natural medicine, Cannabis. Many of these cancer researchers are strongly against this, always on the side of government propaganda to serve their own purposes.

I am no longer buying into any scams marketed by the medical profession.

You are 970 times more likely to die at the hands of an error caused by your physician, than you are of gunshot wounds in North America. Did you know that?

The fact that the medical profession is against allowing us to choose euthanasia as a viable option instead of facing the regime of medical experimentation which we are now forced to do. troubles me. All are driven to fear death in today's world and grasp at every straw, as if death was something unnatural to fear.

The whole scam is mostly subscribed to by the religious old people, who contrary to what they claim about the joys of death and spiritually going to meet their maker, always choose to stave off death at extreme costs to the living.

I agree we are a sick society, but it is not cancer which is our main foe.

It is the idiocy we cling to, our refusal to be pragmatic, to use reason to find solutions, which is killing us in the droves, making our society unhealthy and dangerous to live in..

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ShoppingKharma said...

What an amazing article as you hit the hammer right on the head of each of those industries and polititions. I am a cancer patient who is facing uncertainty right now; my oncologist can only write a letter recommending cannabis in my situation and I have to pay nearly $200 to get a card? Instead I have had a few local readers of my blog who have kicked down at no charge. It was the least they could do. I wonder if many are against a cure? We haven't found a cure to anything since Polio. We have found many ways to make people lazy and not have to work to do anything anymore and that's about it. Keep up the good work; love your blog!