Friday, April 10, 2009

Government Committee on Organized Crime a Farce!

The deck is stacked as to whom they will allow to speak. Jack made our application with in the 24 hrs of submissions being opened and the word we received was that the schedule was full and there was no room for us. This Dog and Pony show is designed to give the feedback which will support Bill C-15. No voices of reason with truth will be allowed to speak.

Our neighborhoods will continue to be the shooting galleries of organized crime while these self serving monkeys strive to cement their grip on political power through fraud.

Here is my neighborhood as seen while "Herbally enhanced." This video attempts to show what this law is all about: Keeping me from being as happy as I choose to be, using natural means.

To keep Bud Oracle & others from feeling this happy we are saddled with organized crime and murder.


Utube Video: "I like your hat"

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