Sunday, April 12, 2009

Free Roaming With Bud the Oracle (click for Utube video)

“Transfigurations of the west coast Landscape” is a phrase I just heard on North by Northwest, CBC Radio One. I am trying to change the mental landscape of people, am I not? This is the only hope for the future of civilization: Peaceful change through progress. The revolt in Thailand is described by CBC news in a spotlight of sympathy for the Prime Minister and his government. All the news is government propaganda designed to paint popular uprisings as bad/evil and government Tyranny as good/necessary. Why is that?

Here is a bit of refreshment and hope for the future: A bit of Philosophy 101, Sunday Edition CBC Radio one

Although I understand the Odd Barnacle's message about keeping quiet on crime in “True confessions,” I am not committing a crime (unless it you call poor comedy a crime) in “Dan and Bud make a deal.” In this simulated drug deal I am making an honest statement about the absurdity of spending billions, making criminals of many, to keep people conforming to a social standard which they had no business installing in the first place. What we do is not harmful to us, to anyone else. The only harm is caused by the law. The rest is none of your facken business. Our lifestyles are our business not yours as conceived by some 19th century racist temperance dogooders.

This is how an enlightened progressive society of men and women free of the hegemony of the USA can do for their citizens. The only way to be free of American Tyranny is to move to Portugal or to remove your consent to be governed by the Government of Canada. This an intolerable state of affairs in a country which purports itself to be a democracy yet its leader forces his private ideology and will on the citizens.

When anyone turns on an ignition key and burns fossil fuels for transportation purposes, because they are addicted to a consumer product, all of creation is influenced in a harmful way by their actions directly. This only recently regulated and controlled product, the motor vehicle, causes great human suffering in poor health due to people becoming obese because they never walk anywhere. It is causing the death of our biosphere, the deaths of millions due to climate change, because the morons in charge are afraid to lead us out of our idiocy, rather they perpetuate it by bait and switch, misdirection: pointing to the likes of me needing criminal sanction as being a much greater threat to fear. Through their constant fraud on crime “caused by drug addiction” in order to install a police state to cement their Tyranny, our so-called leaders serve themselves at society's great expense.

To think that police can kill us without being held accountable, while people like me are being persecuted for being happy in the harmless way we choose to be.

That is why I became a A Free Man on the Land. I will not comply with idiocy designed to oppress people for exercising what was naturally given them by God. It is my duty to creation to stay free so that the germ of intelligence and liberty survives.

Yes, I am called by my “Maker” to expose my “utter depravity,” my poor housekeeping, my “negligent” lifestyle, my normal humanity as imperfect as anyone else's.. None of what you see me doing gives anyone the right to make me a criminal. All that matters to me is that I am happy. All that ethically should be a concern to others is that I am harmless and a good citizen. Therefore, I withdrew my consent to be governed by the corporate entity known as the Government of Canada, as is my right in the Constitution/Charter, if it is truly a Democracy that we live in.

My rather amateur unedited videos are part of a creative approach to my activism. Like my podcasts, they are my artistic energy being expressed in my usual careless, seat of the pants, style of flying. I really don't give a crap if they offend anyone, because Tyranny through Oppression is much more offensive and deadly in my opinion. It is my duty to do this and try to change our world in a peaceful, progressive way.

Otherwise, we might experience uprisings as we see elsewhere in the world today, like Thailand, or relentless violence as we see in the drug wars in Mexico.

Judge my lifestyle all you want, at your peril. In the Bible it says “Judge ye not, lest ye be Judged” for a very good reason.

I invite those peaceful people who would, have shaken off the shackles of religion, and can think as god demanded they do to join our society, The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

I like to live my life “Sequentially” too, as says Dr. I Rockwell, the Sunday Edition. CBC.

This is my phase as a Free roaming Oracle, Free Man on the land, Bud the Oracle. I am enjoying it and it will benefit my society, if my goals are achieved, in the reduction of crime, lawlessness and drug addiction at an ever younger age.

If the people of Portugal can make good decisions than so can Canadians. Listen to the Miracle of Portugal's drug reforms as I recorded it live from the radio The Sunday Edition. Comments are live by me.

Check out Bud Oracle's happy messy existence on Youtube and judge for yourself if Rampant violence, lawlessness, and organized crime are worth tolerating as side effects to keeping prohibition in place. I hide nothing. It is like it is. Or a reasonable facsimile at least. It is time our society grows up and quits discriminating against those who choose to be different.

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