Monday, April 13, 2009

Rejected by the Ministry of Public Safety Permanently

My auto emailer, operational since my blog came up, has been sending them notices of updates relentlessly every time I have posted something.

Young 8 year old girl still missing in Ontario troubles me and is on my mind. Hopefully many others are sending good vibes her way. The police say that they are canceling the ground search, and are treating it as a missing persons case. There are no signs of violence and everyone is hopeful.

Closer to home, the homeless wheelchair bound man's death is being used by the NDP as a political ploy. I am ambivalent about that being sincere. The road needing to be traveled before any results are seen is an eternity. The Canadian system resists change, rather than allows it, when and where necessary. The federal Government has not contributed a cent to housing for 16 years now. I believe that Paul Martin scrounged up the surpluses spent by Harper from people resource spending such as this and infrastructure. Now we see these moneys spent to bail out industry because they have mismanaged things and need a little, or a lot, of corporate welfare.

I heard from someone who is peripherally in the know that one of the gangs in the area has an initiation requirement of “doing” an innocent victim. I heard this a few eeks ago. Now I wonder if it was true and not just an urban gangland legend. It sounds as if the murder was gratuitous.

What kind of society is this Canada? A place where Prime Ministers who rip off those who need our help and are honored for their cruel deeds. They say they are doing a good job while ripping off the Mentally ill who need help, they have money for more TASER happy cops, but they can't repeal a law which encourages more and more lawlessness in our society. Prohibition is the gateway for lawlessness, violence, criminal gangs and powerful drug fueled ruthless organizations.

I remember a time in the sixties when these substances were casually used by happy people exploring. The ratcheting up of the “War on Drugs” has caused these dangerous side effects in the short 40 years since I predicted that they would in my article in the School newspaper. And Harper wants to blithely continue. And you morons are letting him.

Are you Daft? BillC_15 is guaranteed to provide more lawlessness and more murders of innocents and you morons are going to march to the tune of idiocy simply because you don't have to mental capacity or the cojones to do something about it. I sure am glad I left a society of losers like that behind,l and became free. Sorry I can't play along with idiocy, I have to use the mental machinery I was endowed with.

A long time ago when I heard stories about Hitler's Germany from my parents, I told myself that it mattered what side I was on, not withstanding if I was in the minority. The promise that I made to myself was, “I will not willingly support a fascist regime, nor a government that plagues its people with Tyranny.”

You sheep can do as you like. In the end it is yourselves that are to blame for the present circumstances. You have been watching too much hockey, not doing your duty as citizens to make sure that we are properly and democratically/responsibly governed/policed.

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