Monday, April 6, 2009

Vancouver rail yards full of parked rolling stock

The rail yards were busy last year at this time.. It was hard to cross sometimes because they were building trains. Sometimes the night shift would slam them together (called "humping").

Now there is barely any noise noise from the yards only 200 meters from my place. Last fall they started filling up with lumber cars, now every bit of spare rail is a parking string. The tracks are rusty. Like the economy.

At least the sun was out on Sunday and the weather has warmed a bit. The other side of the coin is the the short cut is always available and sudden jarrings in the middle of the night are not missed.

And these are the first Photos that I have been able to get off my new camcorder (which I always carry now). Tomorrow I will take a lesson in creating my first Utube upload from my own footage. Oh boy! Can't wait.

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