Friday, June 26, 2009

I wish the government of Canada PM Stephen Harper, Rob Nicholson Justice Minister wasn't about applying another country's tyranny so much

Mr. Harper and his small minded conservatives have made Canada my oppressor. My wish is that before my death reason will prevail here in this country and prohibition will cease. I wish to once again lead a non activist life and get down to writing. Reading this story made me envious of this writer's apparent peace and political disconnection.

Reading this letter to the editor (click title) this morning stirs up my gall. I become spitting mad at the obvious harm being done to our nation to satisfy the whims of small minded, judgmental people for fraudulent political purposes.

CBC, the national broadcaster is spinning a hard line propaganda tale , blatantly fraudulent, to my disgust and surprise. Why are people so hateful to others who don't trespass against them?

I am going for a walk with the camcorder now and ask that question of people whom I meet. The intro will be a question about how the deaths of Michael and Farah are sitting with them. If possible I will let the conversations evolve naturally and see where they will take me.

No work to keep me from my activism? This is why historically hard times economically precipitate change, sometimes even violent revolutions. People have idle time on their hands and are very dissatisfied. The authorities knew this crunch was coming and have been shoring up their police state powers via this hard line propaganda to justify hiring more storm troopers, whom they train to be constantly in conflict with the citizenry. The cops are encouraged to deploy the TASER, their weapons, at the slightest excuse, and then use them without ever being held to account.

Modern society has made people as bovine and stupid as they ever were, cogs in a powerful brutal political machine, used to benefit the wealthy controllers who have created these entities. We are made slaves through the mechanism of consumerism and taxation. We are today more controlled than any enslaved people throughout history and equally as cruel as those believing morons who found enjoyment at the execution of witches enjoyable, as well as necessary only a few decades ago.

There is a post on Cannabis Culture which I wrote a few minutes after this post and shows me in a better spirit. Thanks to the CBC "The Current."

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