Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thoughts on the recession, life and the Marijuana Guild

It is raining slightly this morning. We need the rain.

Aloofus is happy on the hillside. He and I played and flirted with Lexi and V last night. She is a pretty woman of curvaceous dimensions who seems to feel herself somehow superior to me, making my occasional advances seem spurious, and spurning my half hearted attempts to strike something up.

To V, I wanna sing the song Mic Jagger sang, “Time is on my side” Oh yes it is!

Anyways, her Marilyn Munroe type of figure doesn't fit with her internal angst and conservative conformity. (V is totally foxy, but this one is free of angst)

I find those types of dichotomies in people interesting.

The recent downturn in my personal employment fortunes have led me to consider using the government Unemployment services---I have only had 14 hrs this pay period. My employer has suggested that he could formally lay me off so that I could collect “pogey” intermittently until things clear up. Recessions/depressions traditionally foment change through revolutions. hopefully they will be non violent.

Since I became a Free Man, I have come to believe that I will corrupt my personal integrity if I were to access these services at this time in my situation. Being a free man now making my way without government interference has made me more resilient and resourceful. This is an easy challenge for me to set course for.

I choose to remain free!

On another front, I have been putting up many Youtube videos as a marketing tool for my political cause. Judge Rideout made a wise suggestion to me when he told me to listen to CBC radio show on marketing “The age of persuasion.” This program is all about innovations in mass marketing and how each new one gave marketers a paradigm shift in their trade.

This does not necessarily means that I am tight with mass media marketing of consumerism, though. What I am interested in are the unique strategies that I might create to further my cause peacefully.

This course of action that the Registrar and Bud the oracle have conjured up in the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, is very enjoyable to me! I am extremely satisfied with the results so far, as well I am cognizant of the fact that my creative blend of humor through artistic “shock and awe” is being well received locally in my immediate community.

Many times during the day people drive, ride or walk by me on the street and call out my name “Hey Bud! How's it going?” I get smiles and happy conversations all day long and help to service the needs of honest, happy people.

My position as Chief Justice is a very cherished thing to me. It has elevated my thinking, as in rising to the challenge. There may be an ethical question coming up soon about whether I should ask anyone else to shoulder the danger and burden of making the first ground breaking legal sales of marijuana under the Marijuana Guild's protection. I might have to resign my position as clerk and become a member.

This would delay the first Guild pre announced public sales to occur sometime no sooner than the first week in August, when my probation as promised to Judge Rideout is fullflled under the name of my former person. There is much work to be done to draft the rules after/during several meetings of the Guild until then as clerk, anyways. Maybe that is why I am having some time off my job---to do this important work?

One further revolutionary thought on the inclusion of “criminals “ into the Guild. We don't consider anyone selling substances as a criminal, other than being entrapped by the State through tyranny and laws designed to make crime out of a personal freedom of choice. The society does not require anyone to be a member in it for membership in the Guild. This is designed so that persons presently considered to be criminals marketing illegal substances can avail themselves of a peaceful, and ultimately more profitable, way to provide their services to those consumers who desire them.

This is why we created the Court of Justice in our Third Parliament, to provide a mechanism for settling disputes in the drug trade without violence. I am positive that intelligence is sprinkled liberally amongst this cadre of entrepreneurs. It is there that I see a reasonable viable solution to the troubling problem of losing good brothers to an ever senseless dispute mechanism (violence), which according to the UN report on the Global drug trade on CBC radio one this morning, is in a decline after years of explosive expansion. Has the market peaked under its current conditions? Are new, more business like strategies, a better, more profitable, more stable way to go, now?

The writing should be on the wall for smart “criminal” entrepreneurs. Business thrives with order, not chaos. TO STAKE THE HIGH GROUND AND DO AN END RUN AROUND GOVERNMENT USING THE NEWLY CREATED Marijuana Guild (with later amendments possible for other substances) in order to garner VIRTUAL LEGAL CONTROL, is now possible thanks to the society's ground breaking work.

This is the ultimatum that the Canadian government received from us “Control and regulate these substances, or other societies will” and for cross reference Here is the government's version with only a couple of errors.

I truly don't wish personal gain (other than to make a living in an honorable trade, providing what people need), rather social safety, and less violence, are my primary goals. I am sure that many gang members have tasted enough of this bullshit feuding which loses them market share in the end, as well as, good friends, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

There is nothing to stop anyone from stepping up and becoming a member of the Guild, so there is no way anyone can claim we are cutting into any one's turf, other than the police state bureaucracy.

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