Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More thoughts on Freedom and Societies

This Sunshine Soup post is a pasting of the last 2 posts on the Cannabis Culture forum on 05/30/09 and 06/01/09 respectively.

I sure hope that people will be interested in joining our peaceful rebellion. This fight that I have taken on continues to cost me personally. I seek no enrichment/benefit except the glow of victory. I had to cancel out on overtime today, as well as disappoint my employer. Everyday that the society has a function is a financial loss for me since I started working full time.

This Freeman status as Bud the Oracle is something that I have done for myself, a personal avenue to liberty. The Society was the Registrar's concept. When he explained it to me I grasped the idea immediately. The Canadian Justice System has become, has always been, a tool of oppression. There is no rhyme or reason to the decisions being rendered at the Supreme Court level.

Take for instance the recent Supreme court decisions on the seizure of properties for the in home cultivation of Cannabis. I haven't read them, or the synopses, yet there seems to be no rationale behind them in a Rule of Law sense, to me. Apparently the State is allowed to practice selective Tyranny, imo.

Can someone of trained legal sensibilities explain the range of diversity? Isn't it a valid thought to ask why some of these people would be punished more than others for growing plants that have been used by humans since prehistoric times? Why, all of the sudden (on an evolutionary time scale), are the opinions of self inflated dunderheads like Wally Opal more important than the biological record showing human association with this plant for 500,000 years at least? Why, in the face of the lack of any real scientific evidence are we still applying racist, quasi religious, legislation after nearly a century when all the evidence shows that we are increasing lawlessness at an exponential rate?

If you think that your Canadian society is being led by the daft and wish to change things in a peaceful way, starting with the repeal of this insanity called prohibition, check us out and join. If you don't think it is ethical for your government to send its citizens to appease another nation's tyranny, join us.

This is about much more than pot. This is the reason I never ran for any marijuana parties. The change that I see necessary for a peaceful, safe, future for civilization, is much deeper then pot legalization. If that is all you see as the cure needed, then you haven't got a grip on the real problems facing us, imo.

IMO, the reason that we are being allowed to build our Society, and will remain unmolested by the courts, no matter what the Government does, is that there must be a safe/peaceful way for societal change to occur, otherwise armed revolt might by the only avenue left to channel off the reactionary (to tyranny) energy. The intelligent chess players know that the harsher they resist us, paradoxically, the more credibility and marketing they give us.

Good chess is not really about taking the opponents pieces, it is about threat and counter threat, several layers deep. IMO, if you are a one issue cause, the power of diversity of a several pronged attack is lost. This seems akin to me as those awful moronic charges over the trenches into machine gun fire during WW1. The generals were true idiots, as were their political masters, whose rigid thinking wasted many of our ancestors lives. Some things remain the same. Poor decision makers with poor plans based mainly on self interest, continue to plague most countries. The evidence for this assertion is overwhelming if one takes a good look around the world today. Things are deadly asinine the world over..


Ha ha Ha! Good chess!

All I know is this is what I FEEL to be right. I BELIEVE the reason why no one is bothering me, is because we are doing this right and for the benefit of others without a hint of personal gain in the balance through the political process by way of corporate concession/monopoly through prior established corporate presence, either implied or actual.

This was also started not primarily as a legalization of pot campaign by me , but a repeal of prohibition because it is fostering violence, organized crime and general lawlessness raising danger to the average citizen for nothing.

The fact is that these policies are strangling our social peace and safety, causing ever younger children to be diverted into the drug using crowd, giving control to those people who see an opportunity and who also are motivated by self interest like the cops and the politicians, and finally causing a general disrespect of the law.

Yes, I believe that a major cause of our current plethora of social problems are a reaction to poor laws, stimulated by the disintegration of respect for our judicial system as a tool of tyranny. This lawlessness is a natural reaction to tyranny, seen repeatedly throughout history.

These symptoms we see around us in every niche were accurately predicted by some social scientists and even the LeDain Commission during the early 70's.

To think that the work of John Weston and the Justice committee, in regards to bill C-15, depends on the feedback from the Law enforcement crowd. This is the definition of a Police State: a society controlled by what the police think, isn't it.

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