Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arrested last Evening for sitting peacefully and smoking hash on a park bench...No Charges

Aloofus was not jailed this time but stayed a free Wolf on the land

Two posts on Cannabis Culture where the politics are nasty sometimes. No, I don't claim innocence! rather I try to get better shots in: I claim victory by taking my detractors to task. Some people are of the mind that I am too divisive. They are closed minded people who have taken the same route their closed minded parents took. Toker, or not, or perhaps due to mental fuzziness, fail to take a look at the facts. The goal of prohibition has been camouflaged by other side issues such as the rendition of the BC3 now plea bargained down to a fixed sentence of 5 years for Marc. I think he is hoping to serve it in a Canadian prison. Having spent one night in jail recently I couldn't imagine 5 years of basically illegal incarceration.
Thanks for your support. I spent the night in jail test flying my suppositions. No charges, and at no time did I admit to any other id except Bud the Oracle, on the land, birthday unknown.

Although I was not charged the jailers took it upon themselves to try to coerce me into my former Person's identification. I was illegally incarcerated for a further 5 hours, because I refused to admit to any other ID. Funny the jailers taunted me with some of the same slang and derisions which we see here. Are you on the same side as the jailers?

No charges, although I boldly fired up my pipe with the cops looking on. They stole 1 gm of hash AND ABOUT 2 GRAMS OF POT from me, which I am bound and determined to be compensated for. As well I have a fee schedule for false arrest to which the government had no trouble agreeing to.

One thing that I hope Robin, who continued to video the whole crime against me got while I sat cuffed in the van, was the annoying noise of a model radio controlled car being run in the park at that time. It made me realize how absurd the law really is. While I was physically accosted by armed agents of the government of Canada while sitting peacefully on the bench discussing the Bible on Robin's lap and our next parliament for what was in my pipe, someone with a noisy intrusive toy can disturb the neighborhood to their heart's content.

Whatever you naysayers wish to conjure up to denigrate me, it doesn't matter, because the truth is they can't charge Bud the Oracle with the CDSA. I'll do this at any time these police goons wish to stand around and threaten me with their statutes and bylaws. This has been a been another nail in the coffin of Prohibition in my battle, no matter what you think, Chris.

Cost me 3 grams at wholesale prices. They would dearly have liked to charge me but couldn't. I still don't have a government fraud slip declaring I'm sick, never even saw court did I?

So this is a point for our team and easily earned! You'll see on the video the government resources necessary to take down a peaceful old man who is smoking the wrong substance while reading the Bible. You'll plainly see the cops attacking me before even saying that I was under arrest on suspicion of what might have been in the pipe.

How facken absurd that you comply to this idiocy and beg in their courts? This is absolute tyranny, a real police state, and still you giants of activism beg for pot to become legal, because you need it. They have and will continue to ignore you as they have. You have had little success in any endeavors and if you set yourself up as "leaders," expect the criticism of your poor results. I do because you have taught me this is your way. I am only playing it as you play it.

You think that after Ellis had the gall to publicly out me for point two grams, I should just lie back and hide. I know who Ellis owes his entire existence to. The same people who set up the weighing and determination of a gram sold off the stage at an all candidates meeting. Sounds like a set-up to me on the face of it. Orchestrated by some of those who orchestrate what's in Elli's mind. So who is being divisive Chris. I don't need anyone from your movement, and without an expensive lawyer won this round.

and this one is more about how it feels:

Originally Posted By: junior_grower

I guess it time to test the freeman approach.

You hit the nail on the head! That was exactly what went through my Cannabis enhance head!

Another string of the same thought went like this after Robin told that we were being observed by 2 cops on a bike. It went something like this, "We are peaceful people. At least 6 people have walked by and greeted me in fond neighborly fashion. the park is full of friends and good Karma. I hadn't done much toking that could in any way be considered intrusive to others. There was a bit of hash in my pie and every few minutes I stoked it up when no one who was being bothered by someone smoking was near. My video camera was in the bag fully charged. I took it out and without discussion with Robin made my decision much like I have done running off a mountainside into a good thermal cycle on my hang glider. This was a "tingly in the gut" decision for me!

This was the moment!"

I lifted my pipe in one smooth, determined, peaceful motion and put flame to it. After inhaling deeply I turned towards the two cops on bikes whom I had not directly looked at before. I picked up the camera and turned it on. Then I exhaled with a smile and they began to question me as to what I was smoking. One came over and I felt very confident.

That struck me as particularly absurd. That I was to be arrested over what was in my pipe and that it even should be a question of interest to a police officer. I am peacefully sitting there, not as intrusive as the guy with the model car making noise later on. Why would the government need to know what I am smoking?

At one time it was legal for aman to beat his wife into submission. It meant that he could actually physically force his wife not to eat certain foods. Then the Judges said "Oh we were wrong it has always been that husbands shouldn't beat their wives for any reason."

Today the government still assumes that it can force its deadly diet of alcohol and tobacco on me to the exclusion of Cannabis which is deemed a medicine. Like the Husbands thought they could do decades ago before the Judges became "enlightened" today the government still feels that it can punish its citizens into submission to a restricted diet of its choosing.

This is so absurd to me that to go to court and continue to loose on absurd reason is even more hilarious. To even try to prop up such a rational and law is beyond reason when the medical experts stated in the Justice committee meeting to a quest byu Comartin, "Cannabis is somewhere between coffee and chocolate on the danger scale."

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