Sunday, June 28, 2009

A peaceful assertion of my rights and my determination to remaim free of armed agression

If you need a lawyer to understand this you will never be able to understand that the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society fits this (26/06/09: Forced Blood Transfusion Court Ruling) Supreme Court's decision exactly.

Why would anyone need to mount a charter challenge? The charter states this specifically, now reaffirmed, guaranteed once more by this timely decision that our society fits to a "T?"

We have affirmed that we are based on the book of Deuteronomy, and that the bible as our formal foundation. The government has given us official recognition and now the courts have assured us that what the Registrar and I have accomplished is indeed a viable and acceptable way to go.

What we have done, is take it much further than challenging for this right, which we assumed that we had, correctly. We have gone down the road of claiming this right months ago and then building a formal structure upon it, to properly, safely and legally implement these rights!

The audio response I sent to Evan Sullivan of The Current

Feel free to send both links, including this post, anywhere (I will) or record/write your own.

I will be sending them to the Mayor, the AGs, the SGs, the VPD, The RCMP, Harper, Campbell, and a few others.

As far as I am concerned, I am guaranteed my rights to do as I am doing in our Society, completely, without limitation under the charter. It was reaffirmed again by this decision, and I don't need a lawyer to tell me this.

I posses the brain cells under this crazy hat to have understood that a long time ago without needing to pay a lawyer to tell me this.

Make my Day Mr. Harper, Jim Chu, et all.

Come get me you criminals!

That is exactly what you call tyrants who try to oppress free men, and blatantly break the police act to subvert justice on behalf of someone who might have executed a citizen: the shooter of Paul Boyd.

Chief Jim Chu, I will not personally tolerate anymore of your persecution of myself. Although the Vancouver Police Board perverted the rule of law on your behalf, there is nothing that can be done to change the facts or the record. You subverted justice, corrupted the investigation publicly, and that is still on audio recording no matter that you sent some goons to do your biding and deem me unfit to lay those charges and deny the law. None of the Provincial court justices, Rideout and Dhillon, found me incompetent, rather they found extremely competent, to the extent that they allowed me to represent myself.

Take your armed gang elsewhere but stay out of my circle when I am being peaceful while exercising my rights under the Canadian Charter. I am not a martyr for others, screw with anyone who will let you as much as you wish, but screw with me in the future and I will give better then I get in return. These are my rights and I will defend them to the death should it be required.

I will give you one more free bust attempt, (because I am a good guy). After that I will defend myself from being illegally accosted by armed men without provocation. As I have done correctly, properly, peacefully and determinedly, I will make you this promise: I will defend my life and liberty with my life, if need be.

This is my line in the sand now with the Canadian government and I plan to stay free and peaceful, unless threatened by armed agents trying to perpetrate a crime on me. If need be I will arm myself to guarantee my liberty.

At every turn I have been peaceful, only to have the government act in a brutal, illegal, fashion with me. After a certain point no one can be expected to be illegally aggressed upon and not defend themselves. This right, I also have and will exercise.

At every turn I have sought to peacefully redress the and right the wrongs perpetrated upon me by the Canadian Government, but there has to be compliance to a peaceful form of resolution in reciprocation. What is being perpetrated upon me are major crimes, including kidnapping, illegal incarceration, torture, theft, and cruelty beyond reason for the harmless act according to my religious conscience which I do upon myself.

I would expect that the Canadian Government approach me in an equally peaceful and respectful way. Should this not be the course which our governments wish to go, I will reciprocate in kind.



This is done unilaterally on my own not under that office of chief Justice.

I understand that just now in the news is a shooting of a Langley man by the RCMP as he came at the with a claw hammer. He had been making threats on a social networking site. That is something different and I would not wish to be threatening to anyone.

I have not ever threatened anyone with physical harm. Violence is the last thing I resort to, mainly because I have better talents in other areas, but I do react to defend myself when attacked. In the future I will expect civil behavior from any CIVIL SERVANTS OR AGENT OF ANY GOVERNMENTS.

I will not be jailed with your human rights abuser guards another night over what is in my pipe!


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