Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busting Bud CBC news article Vancouver June 28, 2009

The best thing about this news item was the context that my bust was put in. The whole intro ro the end of the bust is in the first 5 minutes of the broadcast. The first item about crime (3rd item in) was a possible death due alcohol overdose. The next news item was about a targeted shooting in Abbotsford (possibly drug related.) Then our article comes on and shows how useless it is to bust an old man over plants. Robin closes it with the memorable words putting it in perspective "his right to peacefully posses vegetables." Then the news cast goes into a huge pot bust of 8,000 plants in Mission, with pictures of a vast crop of vegetables and then panning to the guns seized. Yes, it is about crime caused by the banning of plants. I liked how they went to Chief "Jimmy" Chu and asked him to explain this waste of police resources since it is the official policy to not arrest peaceful people smoking a joint. Why would an old man be targeted by these cops? What friggen threat am I? Could it be that they don't like someone who charges police officers for breaking the police act? This CDSA gives goons the right to harass innocent people. The law is there for oppression and harassment purposes, to give police more unchecked power and nothing else. It actually makes our society unsafe to achieve this police state which further denies every one's rights. Thanks for doing such a fine job representing the absurdity of prohibition to CBC News!

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