Friday, June 19, 2009

Reflections on activism, censorship and propaganda

For the unedited audio record of the historic third Parliament of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society click here.

Is this the Symbolic burial of the CDSA? The picture was taken on the campus of UBC June15th directly after the Third Parliament of the Society

More nice people who look better than a Mercedes are riding bikes these days

I live in an environment which is conducive to contemplation, thanks to the landscaping talents of my neighbor, the Odd Barnacle

Yesterday morning, 7 am, or perhaps it was the day before, I was listening to world report CBC Radio One (while smoking a joint) when tyranny spoke, enraging me.

It was a report featuring an interview with a school principal and the local mountie. The gist of it was that 90% of the members of this isolated reserve from ages 8 to 80 is to pot. Althought the price of a joint is hovering around $30.00, marijuana use is "rampant." (I thought right away about what an opportunity the government is giving some one.... outrageously criminal of Canada. That is why I adjudged Canada a criminal organization as chief Justice.)

According to the "experts" interviewd all the people's problems, lethargy, school drop outs, falling off of interest in carrying on with hunting skills and cultural traditions, all social dysfunction was painted on "out of control Marijuana use."

I couldn't believe my ears, it was a modern, barely upgraded propaganda piece reminscent of Reefer Madness, as blatantly rude as a fart in an elevator to me. I immediately picked up the phone and called local CBC. I believe from the sound of her voice Cecelia Walters, or someone who is regularly on the radio news. She promptly informed me of the correct toll free number to call to complain to back east.

Upon reaching another woman with a well endowed voice, I began in upset tones to explain TO HER THAT I HAD BEEN HEARING REPORTS PROCLAIMING RAMPANT dysfunctions such as high drop out rates, addictions, lethargy, loss of culture for nigh on half a century. These had been blamed on many varied reasons over time.

The reasons for these apparent symptoms for these dysfunctions have been variously trumpeted as solvent addiction, alcohol addiction, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, lack of ability/resilience as a culture, and many other speculated reasons without limit.

This woman tried to interrupt me and I told her that I had already held CBC responsible for Mayerthorpe propaganda and gave hger the case file number the CRTC had assigned to me then. She shushed up when I raised my voice to an annoyed level, interrupting her. I have never heard that news piece on the radio since.

Sometimes you can't just be nice and beg: an angry but very relevant, appropriate, response is sometimes necessary to jostle someone out of the one way track of thinking and take your point seriously. Sometimes it takes a shaking up, a slapping in the face, word wise, to get people to derail their there obtuse thinking. Sometimes it is the right move to demand the floor, not to let dolts drone on with their regurgitated idiocy. It is important not to let someone override the truth with their nonsense, no matter how much they feel that they are entitled to it.

Nonsense is nonsense no matter how well put it is or nice the speaker's tones. the evidence that it is nonsense is that it will not stand on its own, rather the spouters of nonsense try to resort to unfair tactics, muzzling their opponent through restrictions of freedom of speech, or like thewoman representing CBC on the telephone (and others), using their control of mass media to achieve their goals. These tactics are then used to replace having a valid argument.

this results in social fraud and rampant propaganda ruling the day: exactly the symptoms we see around us.
This was posted after reinstatement of my priviledge of Free Speech on Cannabis Culture. I had been censored and banned from posting for a few days. What is interesting, imo, are Robin's posts on freedom of speech and censorship as a philosopher. He gets to the core of people's
prohibitionist mindset which is the fundamental barrier to repeal of these insane laws..

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