Monday, June 15, 2009

The third Parliament of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society is demised. (click for Utube Vid)

What happened?

History happened!

With appropriate pomp and ceremony the proceedings were recorded. The record will show that there were no objections to the fact that The Corporation of Canada was adjudged to be a criminal organization. The three readings of the act which established the Marijuana Guild were agreed to by all present and those whose presence was voluntarily withdrawn after proper notification. History was made in that this is the first actual legislation which attempts to control the legal and safe distribution of Cannabis and its derivative products. With the formation of the Guild, during which no Biblical theory and laws were referred to, the issue of the promise made to the representatives of the Canadian government at our second parliament was reiterated. We read into our record the correct reading of the record.

As promised during that common parliament, due to Canada not repealing its CDSA and not regulating and controlling this safe substance, rather practicing tyranny on harmless people to their detriment and harm, we have established this vital to our social safety, control mecahanism in the Guild. The government of Canada had been forewarned, properly notified and chose not to argue with objections our judgment of it as a criminal entity, in a peaceful beneficial to all, way.

In his court room Judge Rideout required records of the fact that proper notification had been given by the person Klaus Kaczor to establish his claims. This has been done by the society as to the government of Canada, the court's registrar in British Columbia, and the Right Honorable Stockwell Day a minister of the Federal Government whom we actually see reading the writ of summons as he stands by the elevator in the Vancouver Police station Utube video. At every step the proper process has been followed. The Kind Judge Rideout pointed the person KK and the registrar who was present at the trial to the CBC Radio One show “The Age of Persuasion” as a viable source of new creative input on marketing this cause for the benefit of Society. In my estimation that show trumpets innovation the most. If this approach of proceeding as a Social entity is not innovative I don't know what is.

Once the video of our Parliament is examined by the Registrar it will be released as the evidence of the Third Parliament.

As Clerk/Registrar of the Guild, Bud the Oracle, invites those who wish to be, or are members temporal of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society to become members of the Guild. There are other roles requiring filling as judges and puny judges which we hope members will share duties in. The requirements, initial rules and the acts themselves will be available on the Society's website as soon as the Registrar posts them.

This act officially divorces the marijuana prohibition issue from the Society's main concern, which at the moment seems primarily foundational and formative in a social sense. The first item, deferred for the next parliament, was the registry of names, birth dates, and places. A standing committee was formed to take information, investigations and submissions to the point of Direct Democracy for the members of the Society.

As Chief Justice of the Society I, Bud the Oracle, do solemnly invite men and women of courage and conviction to become true honorable members of this Guild and holden to all of the requirements and conditions set out therein. This will be a historic front line act for people of convictions who wish to benefit society at large. Direct past experience in the marijuana trade may, or may not, be an asset to membership. Anyone who promises to follow the rules set out by the guild has equal standing. Being a great grand parent with no prior record of marijuana involvement might be a great resume for Guild membership and our historic first public sales event.

Those people who keep the rules and understand the ethical foundation upon which they are based will set the standards for the future.

Have no fear lest you be swayed from doing the work of the righteous.

A member temporal has just brought up the issue of “cutting criminal turf” and the conflict this might engender. I say there are no criminals in the eyes of the society rather brave people who have allowed the freedom of choice to continue at the risk to their own freedom. The criminals are the agents of the government of Canada as witnessed by the recorded bust of Bud the Oracle. Therefore people who wish to join our society and declare their gains from before the legalization of the trade, we will for a nominal tax revenue grant their debts paid for their beneficial to society actions contravening Canada's CDSA.

Some members Temporal say that we should welcome those intelligent and brave entrepreneurs who fought this insanity in anyway by providing distribution of the Marijuana plant to those who enjoy using it. Direct democracy and input through the internet might bring forth novel solutions for these challenges that satisfy the basic requirements of personal liberty without compromising social safety. Our Society seeks to unify and move forward for every one's human rights, as well as social safety, rather than perpetrate political propaganda for the benefit of the few.

This has been a thrilling experience for me, to be part of such a novel and fresh approach to the tyranny practiced by every tentacle of the government of Canada. This very tyranny was practiced on myself on June 10th 2009 ( live audio part 1 &2 plus synopsis of the bust ), as it is at every moment across this entire country by armed agents of the crown on peaceful harmless people. To be able to judge the Criminal organization such as Canada as it is and brush aside the asinine politics that endanger all Canadians for the benefit of human kind was sovereign in its feeling.

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