Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretzels, nuts and critical mass

"Sometimes a few cameras need to be lost in the revolution" these were the words of my neighbor the odd barnacle only moments ago. He was trying to weedle me into lending my camcorder. But ever so eloquently

The news is full of the critical mass thing, according to him. This sounds like mob baiting by the media to me. Too bad I am working and won't be able to film it.

I feel strongly lured to attend and even ride within it. Personally I know how much of a dangerous addiction driving is. Having given up my addiction to gasoline 5 years ago I understand the grip of it and the false presumptions, delusions one must conjure up to rationalize it.

By the way the RCMP is again visiting this blog. I hope you enjoy watching these new vids. Perhaps you have some input under the blogger handle horsemanagent or something. Seriously, are you proud of what your buddies do wearing the serge uniform?

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